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- The Atrian 7 are allowed a night out in town.

- Roman follows the phone ping and tries to find Eljida.

- Gloria tells Roman the truth about her romance with Nox.

- Drake hooks up with Taylor.

- Zoe reveals herself to be the hidden Atrian.

- Zoe and Drake go on a mission.

- Teri gets drunk with Taylor and reveals to Roman that Drake is a Trag.

- Emery helps Grayson and Eric clear their names for a hate crime they didn't commit.

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Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Teri: Why am I letting some guy make me doubt myself?
Taylor: I don't know.
Teri: Yes he's a warrior but I'm strong, I have skills, I could tear his throat out.

Grayson: Why are you doing this?
Emery: If you see something good in Eric, I'm willing to trust you.