Star-Crossed Review: A Taste of Freedom

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The latest step in Gloria's integration program was to let the Atrian 7 explore the town for a night in Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 5.

However, a few of the Atrians had other ideas about how to fill their recreational time outside of the sector.

Roman has been on a mission since he discovered his father's secret Trag phone in Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 4. With the assistance of Lukas and his wealth of knowledge in technology, they waited to see if the other phone would return a ping signal.

When it finally did, they were able to track it down in a bag at the school with a coded message.

Gloria was one step ahead of Roman and knew he and Lukas would be looking for the owner of the other phone. She stored the phone along with instructions written in Atrian language on how to get to Eljida.

Another cool trait of Atrians: they have immensely better vision than us and can see at a higher UV frequency.

After another hate crime happened outside of the safe room in her house, Gloria made the difficult decision to send her son to Eljida for protection...that is, if Eljida actually existed. She knew Roman would take the bait and want to know what his father was up to so she set the trap and followed him as he sought out finding Eljida for his own answers.

Smart thinking on Gloria's behalf. She is definitely intelligent and can think outside of the box, but I'm sure her relationship with Nox led to a wealth of information we can only imagine.

It must've been hard for Roman to hear that his father had had an affair. After no one showed up to take him to Eljida after he built the fires, he gave up. Patience, Grasshopper.

Gloria waited longer and - lo and behold! - someone came and helped rescue her son. Eljida does exist after all! It's too bad that Roman's faith in things are shaken, especially now that Drake is stepping up as a Trag leader in their fight for freedom.

Drake and Roman may be on opposite sides of things, but I thought that their conversation at the end of the episode was very telling about their underlying relationship.

The Trags and the rest of the Atrians may not have the same beliefs but their end goal is mostly the same: they want freedom for the Atrians. I hope that Drake and Roman are able to somewhat remain allies and friends despite their different paths.

For the first time you are the one unsure about what road to take, but I've never been more certain about anything in my life. So give integration your best shot, make it work, give us freedom, because if you don't? I won't just join the war, I'll lead the charge.

Drake [to Roman]

Other Tidbits

  • Most of us called it on last week's Star-Crossed Round Table. Zoe was the hidden Atrian! Dora Madison Burge wasn't going to be given a cameo back-up role, it makes sense.
  • Okay we also called the Drake and Taylor hook up and can I just say, that scene was ON FUEGO. Day-um. I don't like to do the "shipping" thing but I am rooting for #Draylor!
  • Sophia likes the ladies.
  • Teri and Taylor getting drunk was amusing.
  • Emery helped save Grayson and Eric. She did this knowing that they are involved with the Red Hawks.

That begs the question that will be our poll of the week: Is Emery getting too close to the Red Hawks?

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Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Teri: Why am I letting some guy make me doubt myself?
Taylor: I don't know.
Teri: Yes he's a warrior but I'm strong, I have skills, I could tear his throat out.

Grayson: Why are you doing this?
Emery: If you see something good in Eric, I'm willing to trust you.