Weapons Drawn - Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 2
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[Originally aired on September 24, 2017 on CBS All Access.]

Captain Georgiou orders Commander Burnham to stand down from her attempt to attack a Klingon vessel. Suddenly, multiple Klingon vessels appear.

Flashback to Burnham's first introduction to Georgiou when Sarek brings her as his ward to Shenzhou. Burnham is uninterested in getting along with her new captain and has poor social skills by human standards. Georgiou is very warm and welcoming.

Back in the binary system, Saru detects twenty-four new Klingon ships. Burnham points out that there are twenty-four houses in the Klingon High Council and that this can't be a coincidence. The captain remands her to the brig for multiple violations.

The Klingon High Council meet with T'Kuvma who scolds them for their lack of duty to the Klingon identity. Most Klingon Council members listen to T'Kuvma and when Starfleet ships begin arriving and Georgiou sends a message promising peace, they fire on them.

In the brig, Burnham is unable to query the computer. Connor, injured and sent to sick bay, wanders into the brig instead. The ship is hit again and Burnham is knocked unconscious and flashes back to Sarek saving her life with a mind meld when she was a child. She awakes to find her cell sealed off because of a hull breach. Connor is gone, lost to space.

Burnham awaits the failure of her containment field and Sarek contacts her through the mind meld they shared when she was a child. He pushes her to find a way out of her situation. 

The Shenzhou is hit again and is effectively dead in space with a Klingon war ship on their tail. The ship peels off because the Shenzhou is being pulled into the binary system's gravitational field. The captain gives the order to evacuate. At the last second, a tractor beam from the Europa saves them.

Admiral Anderson of the Europa contacts T'Kuvma and T'Kuvma agrees to send an envoy. Instead of an emissary shuttle, he de-cloaks an enormous warship that cleaves the Europa and causes it to self-destruct.

The Klingons declare themselves victors and hail T'Kuvma their leader, The Unforgettable. T'Kuvma sends a message to all Federation ship that the Klingons were taking back this space.

Burnham convinces the ship computer to help her escape the brig. Saru and Georgiou are conferring about how to strike back against T'Kuvma. Georgiou has just announced that she'll pilot the shuttle with photon war heads aboard when Burnham returns and reminds the captain that if she kills the Klingons' new messiah, she creates a martyr but if she captures him as a prisoner of war, she makes him a symbol of failure.

Seeing that the Klingons are gathering their dead, they beam a photon war head into a body and damage the coffin ship enough to set them adrift. Georgiou and Burnham beam over to capture T'Kuvma but end up in a fight and Georgiou is killed by T'Kuvma. Burnham kills T'Kuvma. Saru beams Burnham back to the Shenzhou. Voq shares a final moment with T'Kuvma.

Returning to Starfleet, Burnham is tried for mutiny among other charges and she pleads guilty on all counts. She is stripped of her rank and sentenced to life imprisonment.


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