Looking for a Cure - Star Trek: Discovery
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Kovich consults with Culber about Georgiou, revealing that individuals who jump both dimensions and through time suffer a physiological breakdown as every molecule tries to return to its own time and space.

Kovich holds no hope for solving Georgiou's condition. Culber uses the Sphere data to have the computer investigate a solution.

Georgiou is phasing out and can't grip her wine glass at her meal. Tilly tries to help and Georgiou dumps food on her instead. Burnham intercedes with news that Culber has found a solution.

The computer identifies Dannus V as the planet where the cure can be found, giving Georgiou a 5% chance of survival. Culber presents the information to Saru, Vance, and Burnham. Saru regrets they cannot be spared for Georgiou's unique problem when the Emerald Chain is posing such a threat. Vance supersedes that decision and sends them on their way.

Vance questions whether Burnham will be able to let Georgiou die or kill her if she becomes a danger based on her hesitation in the case of Airiam. Burnham assures him she will never hesitate again.

Vance advises Saru in private that he must always choose the crew member lest he lose the crew's confidence.

Burnham tries to talk to Georgiou while she's training and Georgiou attacks her instead, trying to provoke her into killing her.

Saru and Tilly see Georgiou off.

Burnham and Georgiou beam down to Dannus V which is a frozen, empty wasteland.

Adira is working on the algorithm and frustrated that it's still stuck. Stamets points out a corrective measure which unsticks it. Stamets asks about Gray. Adira is defensive. The distress signal from the ship at the center of the Burn is deciphered and a video message is revealed.

Book chats with Saru about joining the ship's crew and what he brings to the table. Saru recommends patience.

Georgiou and Burnham find nothing at the coordinates until they scan for life signs and a man in a chair and a door appear suddenly.

He introduces himself as Carl and throws a few bad jokes at them, then offers Georgiou the doorway as a path to her cure.

On Discovery, Saru, Tilly, Stamets, and Adira watch the video message from the captain, a Kelpian, of the ship that emitted the distress signal. The message is over a hundred years old and predates the Burn.

Saru orders Stamets and Adira to investigate what is currently going on aboard the KSF Qya. He doesn't want to alert Vance yet.

Burnham continues to try to get a straight answer out of Carl but Georgiou's condition is worsening.

Georgiou steps through and finds herself aboard the Terran version of Discovery, being greeted by Captain Killy.

Georgiou realizes that she's arrived the day that Lorca attempts to overthrow her with Burnham siding with him, planning to kill her and make herself Emperor.

Killy reminds Georgiou that Imperial law mandates death for traitors and she will lose her following if she goes against her own law.

At a crew gathering, Georgiou sits and talks with Burnham, noting the differences between the Terran and the Prime Universe version. A Kelpian server spills sauce and Landry has him sent to be butchered. Another Kelpian comforts and assists him. Georgiou recognizes him as Saru.

Burnham orders Saru to be butchered as well but Georgiou reverses that order and makes him her own slave. In her chambers, Georgiou makes him her spy.

Georgiou finds Rhys and Owo fighting for a position on the new flagship. Georgiou and Burnham wager on the winner and Georgiou wins on Owo.

At the christening ceremony for the Charon flagship, Stamets attempts to kill Georgiou but she kills him first.

Killy confronts Burnham as she tries to escape. Georgiou joins them but doesn't execute Burnham as she did in her past.

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Culber: I'll tell her what's happening.
Kovich: No, you won't. A dying Terran's basic instinct is to find a way to die in battle -- the more glorious, the better. You want to set that loose on your ship?

Every molecule fights to either go back in time or jump a cosmic divide.