Three to Beam Out - Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 3
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Confederation forces led by the First Husband disarm Picard and the crew. Elnor lies dying, to Raffi’s dismay. Seven tries to force the First Husband to stand down but he doesn’t trust her anymore.

While no one is watching her, Jurati hooks the Borg queen up to the ship.

When Seven can’t give the First Husband’s full name on demand, the crew springs into action, killing the entire boarding crew. Raffi takes care of the First Husband.

Seven and Raffi take Elnor to sickbay to try to help him. The Confederation fleet is after them. As they prepare to escape, Q appears by Picard.

As they engage the attacking ships, Jurati and the queen take a tumble, freeing the queen from her cage. She crawls toward a frightened Jurati but instead of hurting her, completes the connection with the ship so she can calculate what they need to slingshot back in time accurately.

She takes control and destroys the attacking fleet. Once the path is clear, she inputs the temporal trajectory and sends them through time.

They arrive in the 21st century only to be pulled into the Earth by gravity and crash land. The time jump drains the Borg queen’s power and she, in turn, drains the ship’s power to survive which kills Elnor as the sick bay loses power and the bio bed stops keeping him alive.

Raffi expresses deep rage at Elnor’s death and, believing that fixing the time fissure can reverse the circumstances of his death, she sets out to track down the Watcher.

Seven and Rios plan to go with Raffi. Picard and Jurati stay behind to try to revive the queen.

Knowing the queen could assimilate Picard’s mind quickly, Jurati volunteers to hook her consciousness into the queen’s to try to restore power to the ship.

Raffi, Seven, and Rios find clothing that might pass for normal in 2024. Raffi is fixated on the mission. Seven is still adjusting to how she looks without her Borg implants.

Jurati beams the team out and then sits down to jack into the queen’s consciousness.

Raffi beams into an alley. Seven beams into a park where a child identifies her as a superhero. Rios beams into midair outside an apartment building where he falls to the pavement and loses consciousness.

He’s taken to a clinic. As he’s helped inside, his com badge falls to the ground and is picked up by a boy.

Raffi heads towards the target tower, walking through a homeless-inhabited Sanctuary District. A guy tries to mug her but she knocks him out and empties his wallet. Seven joins her.

Picard talks Jurati through her assimilation. Jurati starts to lose herself to the queen’s assimilation. The queen speaks through Jurati’s mouth while Jurati’s voice emerges from the queen.

Picard pulls the connecting tube.

Raffi and Seven enter the tower but are stopped by a security guard. Seven talks them past him, surprised at how receptive he is to her charm.

Rios is getting treated by Dr. Theresa who diagnoses a concussion and resets his dislocated hand. He realizes his com badge is gone.

Raffi manages to catch a glimpse of some sort of subspace signal before it disappears. Then they find Rios’s com badge but it’s blipping in a strange way. The kid who found it is tapping on it. Rios sees him and tells him to give it back. The kid tries to extort him for cookies but Dr. Theresa arrives. The kid is her son, Ricardo. She sends Rios to get dressed and holds onto the com badge until he’s ready to leave.

As Picard tries to make Jurati comfortable while she recovers, the queen revives and addresses him as Locutus. She plans to take the ship before helping him with the timeline.

As Rios prepares to leave, ICE raids the clinic.

The queen continues to demand the ship in return for the location of The Watcher. Jurati wakes up and asks the queen if she really has that information. The queen realizes that Jurati stole the information while they were linked. She informs Jurati that she is impressed.

Rios makes sure the others get out the back door but stops, realizing he needs his com badge and thinking he should help Dr. Theresa.

He dresses as a doctor and tries to get her away from the ICE police but they notice his bandaged hand and arrest them both. As he passes the counter, he can see his com badge and hear Picard trying to hail him.


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Move backward to go forward. Shatter to mend. The past is now.

Borg queen

This is the only kind of life you understand. Shall we see what else has been lost in the wake of your fear?