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Fugitive Zero explains they are, Medusan, an energy-based lifeform. They are curious about Dal and his hope. Zero explains how he was captured and used to torture prisoners.

Zero reveals that they've never been able to read the Diviner's mind but was able to discern the Diviner was searching for something, the Protostar.

Dal tries to plan for escape aboard the Protostar. Zero recommends recruiting an engineer so Dal and Rok-Tahk go to see Jankom Pog with the Starfleet com badge that can translate for them.

Using reverse psychology they convince Pog to join them. Dal wants the ship up and running in a day. Zero reveals that Dal has a deal going with Gwyn.

Gwyn is sitting with the Caitian child, showing her how the different languages of the universe are windows into various cultures. Drednok enters to ask Gwyn about Dal.

On the ship, Rok brings Murf to join the crew. Murf's language isn't one the ship can translate, unfortunately. Zero alerts them that watcher drones are on their way to the ship. Dal goes out to head Gwyn and Drednok off, pretending to be hoarding crystal. Drednok decides to make a move and orders Dal to be taken to the surface.

Through a com, Gwyn and Dal bid each other goodbye, reminiscing over a discussion they'd had in the past over escaping to the stars.

Suddenly a series of gas ruptures on the surface cause the equipment to malfunction. Dal's ankle band breaks off and he runs to return to the ship. It's all a trap designed by Gwyn to have him lead them to Zero.

Dal returns to the ship. He goes out to repair the shields.

Gwyn arrives. Dal offers her a chance to leave. An army of watcher drones arrives with Drednok. He lets Gwyn know that finding the Protostar has been the Diviner's quest all the years he'd been mining the planet.

Rok, Jankom, and Zero are apprehended. Gwyn goes aboard to see if there's anyone else. Dal telepathically tells Zero to take Gwyn hostage and Pog enthusiastically jumps on the plan, attacking the watchers.

They come across Gwyn on the bridge and she defends herself.

The watchers open fire on the ship but the Diviner warns them not to damage the ship. The Protostar starts to tip over and slide into a crevasse. Gwyn loses her fighting advantage and Rok grabs her from falling. Dal is still on the hull while Zero tries to engage the ship's engines.

Zero is successful and the Protostar leaves its cavern, still pursued by the drones. Gwyn is tied up on the captain's chair. Dal is still on the hull trying to repair the shields.

Drednok lands on the hull and attacks Dal. Zero's piloting is erratic and gives Dal the chance to insert the energy module for the shields. When Drednok gets a hold of him, Dal sends another telepathic message to Zero to turn the ship to throw Drednok off-balance.

Dal activates the shield just as Drednok launches a flying strike, trapping Drednok on the outside of the defense.

As the ship tries to escape the planet, Drednok fires on the tower above to cause it to fall and block the exit. At the last moment, Murf falls from an overhead container and lands on the weapons array, activating phasers that clear the way for them. The Protostar escapes into space.

When Dal is unsure where to plot a course to, Rok steps up and points out that he has help. At the word, "help," the Hologram Janeway training program activates, startling everyone on the bridge.

Drednok returns to the Diviner to find the Diviner has smashed his way out of his containment control center. He orders Drednok to get the ship back.

Star Trek: Prodigy
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Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dal: Can the three of us get it out of here?
Zero: Three? A ship this size requires at least twenty. Or, depending on the species, thirty-seven appendages.
Dal: That's way too many appendages to keep this quiet.

Zero: I built this containment suit because if any corporeal being were to lay eyes on my true self, you would go mad.
Dal: You built that? Really?
Zero: Try to build one without any hands. I think I did a fine job.