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Jahil is impressed with the girls' latest rehearsal. Star accuses Jahil of being obsessed with her. Miss Bruce tells Carlotta they need to hire a new receptionist to replace Cotton. Eva tells Carlotta that Star made Jahil choose between them. 

Cotton brings the girls their new costumes while high on molly. An Atlanta Next Fest rep tells the girls that because Jahil signed them up as a four-girl group for the next round of the contest, they can't perform as a three-girl group. Star attacks Jahil in anger. 

Alex tells Star they should go along with Jahil for now, because if they win the contest they can find a new manager. Star agrees, but refuses to let Eva have any creative input on the group.

Jahil tells Carlotta that Cotton is having problems with drugs again. Alex, Derek and Miss Ruby meet with Derek's lawyer to discuss strategy. Hunter and Star make out in his car, as Hunter won't take Star to the house because of his mother.

The girls tell Eva they need her to join the group in order to perform in the next round. Jahil asks Pumpkin to produce a new song for the group now that they have four singers.

Alex and Derek are surprised by a news reporter on the street. Derek learns that Alex was roughed up by a cop when she was pulled over. Alex urges Derek to let it go. 

The group records in the studio with Pumpkin. Eva demands to get to sing the bridge instead of Star. Pumpkin is impressed and gives the part to Eva. Carlotta goes to Cotton's new house and confronts her about her drug use. Cotton refuses to come home. 

Derek finds the reporter and tells her that the cop who pulled Alex over had multiple complaints filed against him in the past and is giving the other cops in Atlanta a bad name. The reporter agrees to look into the story.

Eva has a wardrobe malfunction right before they are supposed to go onstage, but they can't reach Cotton to fix it. Star offers to help.

The girls' local rivals bring the house down. When they come offstage, one of them throws a drink in Star's face. Simone leads the group in prayer before they go onstage and bring the house down.

The group makes it to the next round of the competition. Simone overhears Eva and Jahil talking and learns that Jahil lied in order to make the group think they had to be a foursome; the Atlanta Next Fest rep was an actor he hired. 

Hunter tells Star he bought a house and put it in her name. When Star gets back to the salon, Simone tells her everything. Star vows revenge. 

Alex is berating Derek for going to the media when another car smashes into theirs. Jahil brings a stoned Cotton home to Carlotta and encourages her to keep designing and to stop hustling. Cotton tries to kiss him but Carlotta stops her, revealing that Jahil is Cotton's father.

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Star Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Oh, here comes that little Latin girl that don't do nothing.

Miss Bruce [on Eva]

I get it. Y'all are close. It's Norman Bates creepy, but I get it.

Star [to Hunter]