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Jahil wants to know why Carlotta never told him he was Cotton's father. Star and Simone wait at the hospital to see Alex and Derek. Star tells Simone about the house Hunter bought for her. 

Derek has severe injuries from the accident, but Alex is barely injured. The doctor tells Alex she is pregnant. Rose arrives and wants to schedule Alex for an abortion, but Alex insists it is her decision.

Alex tells Star, Simone and Carlotta about her pregnancy. Jahil invites Cotton over to catch up and apologizes for not having been there for her when she was a child.

Cotton goes home and finds out that Michelle stole her money for the surgery and fled to Los Angeles. Carlotta warns Star about Hunter. 

Jahil tells the girls that he booked them a five-date tour in the Midwest. Rachel, a social media guru, shows up to help with girls with an iPhone photo and video shoot. Hunter asks Jahil about his feelings for Eva. 

Hunter tells Star he doesn't want her to go on tour. Star offers to bring him along, but Hunter gets angry and tells her that if she loves him, she'll stay. 

The girls rehearse for their final Atlanta Next Fest performance. Cotton goes into Elliott's house and steals his checkbook. Big Boi tells the girls he wants to produce their first album, but only if they get rid of Jahil. 

Jahil confronts Big Boi about trying to poach his artists. Star tells Jahil and Eva they they know about the lies they told to get Eva into the group.

The police trace a car involved in Otis' murder to Jahil. Alex says they have to prove Jahil is physically or mentally incapacitated in order to get out of their contract with him. Carlotta tells them they should be loyal to Jahil.

The doctor tells Derek he suffered nerve damage in his spinal cord, and it's unlikely he will walk again. Jahil tells Eva how he feels about her. Cotton asks Jahil to help her get a fake ID. 

Alex tells Derek she's pregnant. Hunter blows up at Star and hits her so hard that he knocks her to the floor. Rose tells Alex she wants to be a better mother and offers to support her in whatever decision she makes about the baby.

Cotton dresses as a man and uses the fake ID Jahil got her to cash a check from Elliott's checkbook. The police arrest Jahil for Otis' murder. 

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Star Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Okay, cut the Disney crap. We gotta sex this up a bit.


Hunter: You clawed your way into my world.
Star: I could claw my way into much better than your world.