The next time you put your hands on a woman, I will kill you.

Star [to Hunter]

I came to Atlanta to make music, not to get pregnant.

Alex [to Derek]

Simone: How could you let him do that to you?
Star: Because you know that you don't let it happen!

You don't get any where I'm from, snitching on people. You should know that.

Star [to Jahil]

They force majeured your ass out.

Big Boi [to Jahil]

Simone: I dreamt about it all night. We are gonna slay.
Star: You bet your ass we are.

Lord, it's a calling, these girls coming to me. As much for me as it is for them. And now I be losing them to that Satan called fame.


And you're the best character witness they can find? Well, I'm screwed.

Jahil [to Carlotta]

Why you whispering? She got enough drugs in her system to knock out a horse.

Carlotta [to Jahil, on Cotton]

The moment a child is born, you never stop worrying. But here's the crazy part, Lord. The worst thing that will ever happen to that child is you.


Star: Who wouldn't want a ball player?
Simone: Me. I would've gone for a rapper.

Star: Condoms. Great invention, fun for the whole family.
Alex: Clearly it broke.
Star: Well, double up next time, girl.

Star Quotes

Foster Mom: Where'd you get that phone?
Star: Obama

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Ever since Star was little, she believed her name was who she was. But I told her, fame is a trip, it ain’t love like a lot of people think. But Star wouldn’t listen. Star don’t listen to nobody but herself.