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In Cairo, Egypt we are watching two men get drunk in a bar. As they head outside, they sense someone may be after them and hail a taxi, but before the taxi gets there, they are kidnapped and taken to an underground cave in the desert. 

Omar Fatah is the one who captured them and asks, "Do you know who I am?" It appears Fatah kills one man. 

Back at the White House, Constance and David are talking about the leak. She aks just who Nick Vera is, but David warns her that the CIA will not likely give up one of their agents easily. 

POTUS and David enter a room with Navaro, Charlie and two other men and POTUS asks for information on Nick. Navaro gives her a few brief points, and then is called out of the room for a phone call. POTUS asks for the room to be cleared and just wants to talk to Charlie. 

During this chat, Charlie flashes back to Afghanistan, where Nick is handing Charlie a gun and tells her to be safe during her time here, that all the terrorists have a hard on for this visit. 

Back to the current room, POTUS tells Charlie to find Nick Vera after Charlie offers little more about him. She tells POTUS she was his op on cases and that they are not friends. 

Navaro comes back in the room after getting word that Omar Fatah has captured an American journalist. 

Charlie heads to the 7th floor, and is clearly suspicious of her co-workers. She pulls Maureen aside and tells her that Nick didn't run, that he was taken. She asks Maureen to compile everything she can on Nick. Maureen already did that and pulls out a file to give to Charlie. Maureen asks her if anything in the report could potentially hurt Charlie, and Charlie tells her that she cannot tell her that because she cares about her. 

Charlie finds out that Fatah has Thomas Logan, a DC reporter, who he picked to have an exclusive interview with. Logan was released by Fatah and is heading back to the States with all the footage and interview on tape. Navaro asks Charlie to sit in on Logan's interrogation because of her connection to Fatah. 

Dash pulls Charlie aside to tell her that there is a lot of chatter in his networks about a message. Charlie asks him to follow up and see what he finds. 

Charlie watches as Thomas Logan is questioned and tells Navaro he seems too relaxed for someone who was almost just killed. She asks Navaro if she can go in the room and ask him some questions and he agrees. She asks him why Fatah would pick him for this interview and he tells her that he is trusted in that region. Charlie asks him not to show the tape, that it is a matter of national security, but he says he has a Pulitzer on his hands and that he will be showing the tape. 

Charlie gets a call from Kurt to come back to the office as soon as possible. 

When she gets back to the 7th floor Charlie learns that terrorists from all over the world are joining together. The Ar Rissalah, or message, is a call to arms - and Charlie realizes that Fatah may have just put together the largest terrorist group the US has ever seen. 

Constance is in the Oval Office watching footage of Fatah. She turns it off and is disgusted with it and tells David to make sure it doesn't air. Charlie and David bicker about freedom of press, but Charlie says that lives could be at stake here. Constance asks Charlie about an update on Nick Vera, but she doesn't have one yet. 

Charlie meets Syd on a park bench and gives him the phone of the texter. Syd warns Charlie to let Nick stay gone and that he is trouble. She tells Syd that POTUS tasked her with finding him, but he warns her that cannot protect her from this war. He tells her she should lay low before she is next. 

Maureen and Kurt are in the office and Kurt shows Maureen a magic trick that ends up as an ask for a date. The card she picked said, "Dinner?" Maureen said she would think about it. 

Charlie breaks into Nick's apartment and takes apart a globe and finds a picture of her and Nick. Along with it is a gun and numerous passports, including passports with Charlie's picture on them. It appears to be an escape plan if needed. Charlie leaves the apartment, and we see someone's footsteps inside the apartment. 

Charlie has another flashback of Nick telling her not to go on the convoy in Kabul, and is upset that she is playing house with the Senator's son. 

Charlie is back at work, and is looking at the footage from Logan, and notices something has been edited out of the video. She calls for Logan's arrest. 

The FBI, and Charlie head to Logan's office and tell him he's under arrest and to turn over all the footage. She asks for a moment alone with Logan and he tells her Fatah had a personal message for her. His message was "Pegasus takes wing." Charlie is very upset by this and leaves. 

David has a meeting with the network owner who is planning on showing the Fatah interview and tells him not to show it. When the owner refuses, David promises him an even bigger story - that Aaron was killed by a CIA registered weapon and can even get him the name of the CIA agent. It appears that they are going to kill the story. 

Senator Green comes to visit POTUS and finds out that POTUS plans to reroute a pipeline in Senator Green's home state that will have a big impact on jobs. POTUS said that she can call it what she likes - payback, retribution, etc...and knows that Senator Green leaked the report. 

Senator Green warns her that Charlie and Nick's relationship was more than platonic. 

We see another flashback of Charlie on the boat with Fatah and Nick and they are eating. Fatah has agreed to be an asset for the CIA and help them locate terrorist groups in exchange they will make sure his wife is taken care of. Nick pulls Charlie aside and doesn't believe he is telling the truth, but Charlie believes he is because he has too much to lose. Nick tells her they do, too. 

We learn the cameraman who was also captured with Logan trained in a terrorist camp and was part of the plan all along. 

Constance and David are talking. He tells her she still needs to make an upcoming trip so she doesn't seem weak by the leak. Constance tells David that Senator Green told her that Charlie and Nick were in a relationship. David asks if he believes her, and she says she believes in Charlie. 

David tells her she needs to fire Charlie, that she is the most direct threat to her right now. 

Thomas Logan is driving in his car talking to someone about a book deal. He is upset the interview won't air, but got what he wanted in the end. After hanging up the phone, he begins to cough and then becomes very ill and ends up running his car off the road and crashing into oncoming traffic. 

The network owner meets David again at a bar, and tells him that Thomas Logan died of a heart attack before crashing his car. He thinks his death is suspicious. He tells David he is planning to go ahead and air the video now that Logan is dead. He tells David to keep his story, and he will keep his. 

Charlie and her staff learn the Fatah interview is going to air, and no one can believe the White House couldn't shut it down. 

As the interview airs, Fatah tells the world that he does not mean anyone any harm, he wants his demands to be met, otherwise Americans will start to be killed. People all over the world are watching the video, and slowly you can see the terrorist groups coming together. 

On Air Force One Charlie and Constance are talking about Fatah's interview and how it could be part of creating a larger ring of terrorism in the US and around the world. Constance brings up Nick Vera but Charlie tells him that Nick couldn't have killed Aaron. She tells Constance that she had his gun, and amidst all the chaos and shooting she lost the gun. 

Constance asks Charlie if she ever loved Aaron, and she tells her that she still does. Constance tells Charlie that they have a job to do and there can be no more secrets, and asks Charlie if there is anything else she needs to tell her. Charlie tells her there is nothing more. 

Charlie leaves the room and David walks in. Constance tells David that he wants someone on Charlie at all times, watching her and following her. 


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Somebody tell me who is Nick Vera and why were there bullets from his CIA registered weapon found in my son?


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