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Andy and Jack are at odds about captain and they still are hot and heavy.

Miller and Montgomery are talking about his booty call. Captain walks in in the middle of the conversation.

Ben wants to enhance his training with a video game with Vic. She said no.

The firemen are shopping, they get a call. Maya is all hurt from Andy's comment last week about her staying in her own lane.

The lady doesn't want them to use fire or water. Truck ran over the hose and made a hole. they have to set a new line. Only the pot was on fire. 

Now Andy and jack are pretending to fight to throw the team off, but really they're fooling around.

Vic changed her mind and is using VR to train. She started freaking out. She yelled at Ben and put him in his place.

Miller goes to talk to the captain about his girl situation. He really likes the girl. He doesn't want to get personal.

Montgomery and Maya are taking care of a lady. Montgomery doesn't like the way she's being taken care of. 

Andy and Jack are enjoying their place in the bubble. Jack's a romantic and it seems like Andy is not.

Montgomery wants to tell the grandson about granny's parkinssons. Maya agrees, but it seems that she's talking about her and Andy. She goes looking for Andy.

Vic, Miller are playing fooseball and Ben wants to do the VR.

Something's going on with Maya that she wants to talk to Andy about but can't find her.

She goes to the police station, where Ryan is to see someone. It looks like Maya's brother? He lives on the streets and was stealing art supplies. 

Maya goes into the captains office and sees gibson's uniform and figures out they're sleeping together. She leaves.

Andy wakes up. Alone. Goes to a call. Maya doesn't tell Andy what's going on. Andy doesn't tell Maya what's going on.

Back to the same B & B for another fire. They think the sisters are unconscious. One runs out, but the other sister still in. Massive fire in the ditchen. Maya puts the fire out. They continue to look for the sister. Warren and Vic go looking. Fire in Vic's face. She has ptsd. She has an episode and freaks. 

They take Vic out. There are explosions in the house. Jack stops Andy from going in the other room. Wine bottles are exploding and the woman is on the other side of the bottles. Andy runs in to get her. she's injured. Ties off her leg and they use a plate as a shield to get back out. Jack shuts off the gas. The woman inhaled glass. (deborah) They have to intibate.Airway is obstructed. They have to cut the trachea. No pulse. Starting cpr. Looks like she's going to die. The sister is watching her die and is comforted by Jack. Maya brings her back. 

Maya is pissed at Andy and totally blows her off. Andy tries to talk to her, but she won't. She opened up to Ryan about her brother and her father.  Her brother's name is Mason and she feels guilty that she got all the attention and he is a drug addict with problems. Ryan offers to keep an eye on him while he's on patrol.

Captain comes to talk to Miller after he blows him off. He's trying to find his new place in the squad. He gives Miller advice about the girl.

Ben confronts Vic about what happened in the house. Vic may have a fear of fire. She says she doesn't have a problem and he needs to butt out.

Montgomery comes to check on Edith again about telling her grandson about her condition. Edith tells the grandson.

Maya goes to see her brother, but he doesn't want to see her.

Andy wants to be with jack in the sack, but Jack wants more. It's not enough for him. He's not happy with it. Andy doesnt want more with him or anyone. She wants to stay in a bubble, but Jack doesn't. They are busted by her dad.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Basically he wants to get laid.


Are you asking me to run extra drills with you? Voluntarily? In a video game?