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The team races to find Ripley who has left the hospital in search of Vic. They call him an tell him about the acid in his longs due to the chemicals from the fire and how dangerous his prognosis is. They beg him to go the hospital and promise to find Vic for him. 

He goes to a different hospital and checks himself in. 

They try to find Vic and reach her, but she and the others have left their previous site they were working at. They try to radio them, but they can't reach them. 

Vic is the one who climbs a tower to talk a sucidal woman down. They try to reach her but she shuts her radio off to concentrate. 

They tell the others below what happened and they debate whether they should tell her. They tell her, and the woman she tries to save encourages her to go see Ripley. 

She rescues the woman and heads to the hospital. Ripley's sister is also contacted, but she knows that Ripley was trying to reach Vic and left the hospital in search of her and blames her. She doesn't want vic to know anything and excludes her and the team because they aren't family. 

Maggie tells them that Ripley's prognosis is bad, that his organs are affected by the acid, his calcium levels are too low and he's dying. She telsl them to say their goodbyes. 

Maggie tells Jennifer, Ripley's sister about how Ripley was trying to respond to Vic's proposal. Jennifer stops lashing out at Vic. 

Sullivan goes in to make amends and say goodbye. Vic can't bring herself to do it. Montogmery helps her. She and Ripley talk about what their life would have been like, and how much they love each other. He dies. 

The team snuggles up and supports her back at the station. 

Miller lets Maya know that he's aware she and Jack are sleeping with each other. 

Ryan notices that Andy and Sullivan are close. 

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

How long were you waiting at that diner?


Your test came back. It looks like you've been exposed to something. There's a change it's hydrochloric acid.