Hear Me Out - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1
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Kirsten is still trapped in the memory with her mother. Cameron attempts to reboot the system, but can't pull her out. Linus talks to Ivy and comes up with another idea. They hack the memory of her mother and Cameron slips into her and begins attacking Kirsten. When her mother starts yelling at her, Kirsten starts to come back. In between the yelling, her mother tells her that she needs to go back in order to save her. When Kirsten wakes up, she slaps Cameron, and then collapses. Director Blair arrests everyone.

After waking up at home with Ivy by her side, Kirsten tracks down Director Blair and demands her team back. He refuses. He explains Project Grasshopper. Her mother's brain evolved. They want to use the stitches as a training program so they can eventually stitch into her and see everything she knows. The point is to create world peace and end war by allowing everyone to know what the other world leaders are thinking.

When he refuses to give the team back, Kirsten and Ivy hack a commander's identity and she goes to the NSA facility to rescue them. They're not prisoners, as she expected, just hanging out, awaiting reassignment. She wants them to leave with her anyway, but she remains upset with Cameron for what he did in the stitch. They're busted on the way out, and this time, Kirsten is forced to remain there as well. 

Director Blair calls them to the lab. His son was killed while jogging. He wants to know if it was a random accident or a message to him. Maggie convinces Kirsten and Linus, whose father died while they were detained, to be the bigger people. Camille notices Cameron's nervous as he guides Kirsten in the stitch. She finds Blair's son's moment of death. Her father is there. He killed Nathan in order to send her a message through the stitch: Blair will kill her mother.

Kirsten goes over Blair's head to the Secretary of Defense and convinces him to give the team back. She also asks for help finding her mother. She goes to visit Cameron, and he shows her the breakup note Nina left him. Cameron tells her that he loved Nina, but he wasn't in love with her. Kirsten kisses him. Then, she asks, what he meant when he spoke through her mother and said she needed to save her. Cameron tells her that he didn't say that. Kirsten wonders who did.

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

[Fisher is brought in handcuffed with a bloody lip]
Camille: Oh my God, Fisher!
Maggie: Quincy, what happened?
Fisher: I wasn't being cooperative [smiles].
Cameron: Are you all right?
Fisher: You should see the other guy.
Cameron: I'm serious. Are you all right?
Fisher: I'm serious. You should see the other guy [winks]
[Cameron turns and sees other guy being brought out on a stretcher]

Camille: Are you ready?
Cameron: Does it matter?
Camille: Cameron, when this is over, win or lose, they're going to disappear us. You know that, right?
Cameron: When this is over, if Kirsten's dead, I won't care.