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Kirsten is visiting her mother, who is still in the protective pod. Cameron stops by the house looking for Kirsten. Camille warns him to be careful with Kirsten and their new relationship. She calls Kirsten an emotional virgin.

The case of the week involves the mysterious death of a woman in a pool. Her boyfriend's father is a powerful Russian businessman. The boyfriend is the chief suspect. When Kirsten stitches into the woman's memories, she's affected by how often the couple has sex. She's also having trouble seeing clearly, which worries Cameron. 

Maggie sends Camille to talk to the new medical investigator. Her name is Amanda, and she likes Camille's snarkiness. The two flirt. Amanda has a unique way of doing things, and Camille is intrigued, but not sure if she should trust her. Linus encourages her to be more open and trusting.

Linus wants to bring Ivy in as part of the team. He also asks her out on a date. Maggie is skeptical, and so is Cameron. But Kirsten invites her sister to help with the case. Camille repeats Linus' motto rather than object when Maggie asks for opinions. 

Kirsten picks up on Cameron's nerves. He wants to have the relationship talk. She'd rather get to the actual relationship part. As the two work the case, they are closer than ever. But Cameron's worried about trusting Kirsten. To prove herself, she takes him to visit her mother.

The case leads to another dead body. The team uncovers a plot to kill the Russian businessman and his son. They intervene and save the man's life.

Due to her new position as director, Maggie will have to travel to D.C. She explains her decision to elevate someone to her second in command. She picks Cameron. He doesn't particularly want the job, and Camille does. Maggie explains Camille's comment about giving people the benefit of the doubt was the reason she didn't get the job. Camille finds Amanda and kisses her.

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Cameron: There you are.
Kirsten: Miss me?
Cameron: I missed running tests on you.
Kirsten: Best boyfriend ever.

Camille: How are you and Kirsten? Did you guys...you know...do it?
Cameron: What are you, twelve?
Camille: I'm just saying...be gentle. Kirsten's a virgin.
Cameron: I don't think she's a virgin.
Camille: Emotionally. Come on. She's a virgin. This is going to be her first real relationship.