The Power Couple We Need - Stranger Things
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Billy survives the attack from the Mind Flayer, but he's exhibiting the same symptoms Will did on Stranger Things Season 2. 

His skin melts up whenever he's in the sun, proving once again that the Mind Flayer hates heat. 

Nancy and Jonathan make their way to Mrs. Driscoll's home, but learn that she's caught a crazy rat. Once they leave, the rat explodes and slithers out of the cage. 

Eleven and Mike's relationship is on the rocks because of what Hopper said. Eleven turns to Max, who takes Eleven on a trip to the Starcourt. 

Max wants to show Eleven that she can have a life away from the confines of her boyfriend, and the pair have some retail therapy. 

Mike tries to find Eleven a gift, but everything is too expensive. Eleven dumps Mike in front of everyone, leaving him crushed and unsure what to do. 

Hopper was shocked to find that Joyce stood him up after agreeing to dinner, but she had a good reason:

The magnets!

Joyce noticed they were no longer magentic and turned to Mr. Clarke, who confirrmed her suspicions that there was something dangerously amiss with them. 

Steve and Dustin worked to try to make sense of the Russian message from the radio, but Robin is much more smarter than them and sets out to decipher it herself. 

Steve later realized the message came from the mall. 

Billy continues his tirade of terror, capturing Heather and taking her to the Mind Flayer. 

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How many children are you friends with?


I dump your ass.