Prime Suspect - Stumptown
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-Dex wakes up in the hospital and is under arrest for TJ’s murder.

-Lee and Cosgrove are handling Dex’s case.

-Hoffman’s dad takes Dex’s case.

-Grey’s dad shows up at The Bad Alibi. Grey offers to let him stay with him.

-Dex comes clean to Hoffman’s dad about everything.

-Dex goes to Sue Lynn for help. She gives Dex letters that Benny wrote her while in the military.

-Grey asks his dad to help him get in contact with a guy he knows that can get people new identities, but his dad refuses.

-Hoffman’s dad confronts him about helping Dex get the DOD files.

-Dex plans to confront a man, Robert Wolf, from Benny’s old unit, and Grey insists he go with her to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid, but Dex sneaks out of the house.

-Robert feels responsible for Benny’s death because he asked Robert to file a report about what the other guys in the unit were doing and he didn’t do it.

-Hoffman tells Lee about Dex thinking TJ had a part in Benny’s death and about helping her get the DOD files.

-Robert points her in the direction of another man in the unit, Father Murphy, who runs when Dex reveals she is there about Benny’s death.

-Lee tells Cosgrove that Dex had motive.

-Ansel’s girlfriend broke up with him, so Tookie gives him advice on how to win her back.

-The police come to The Bad Alibi to arrest Dex, but the gang helps her escape.

-Dex goes to Hoffman to help her track down Murphy, but Hoffman refuses and scolds her for putting his job at risk.

-Dex does to the reservation for protection.

-Hoffman looked into the cash that Dex brought to him and found out it was from a heist in Afghanistan. He brings the information to Cosgrove, but she won’t listen.

-Murphy is found dead.

-Robert is the killer.

-Robert shoots Grey and then flees, but Dex chases him. They fight, and Dex shoots him, killing him.

-Hoffman turns in his badge because he needs to figure out what he wants to do.

-Grey’s dad did a job stole from the people he did the job for and has now disappeared, so they are forcing Grey to help them find him.

-Dex and Ansel’s mom shows up.


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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Dex: Officer, why am I handcuffed to this bed?
Officer: Because you’re under arrest.
Dex: For what?
Officer: Murder.

Tookie: Dex called, she’s on her way here.
Grey: She’s always on her way here.
Tookie: From jail.