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-Dex is hired by politician Llewellyn Slocombe's team to dig up dirt on his opponent, Dan Gibson, also known as Councilman Dan. 

-Liz asks Grey to hire her. 

-Dex goes undercover in Dan's campaign. 

-Dex has Grey host Councilman Dan's fundraiser at the Bad Alibi. 

-Dex invites Hoffman to Friendsgiving. 

-Carol catches Dex snooping at the campaign office. It turns out she is a P.I. too. 

-Dex goes to talk to an old colleague of Dan. 

-Carol goes to Hoffman for help to take Dex out of the game. 

-Dan's old colleague tells Dex about a rumor about Dan sleeping with a female student when he worked there.

-Liz tells Grey a story about her ex pretending to the authorities that she was a drug mule for him, which he isn't sure whether it is true or not. 

-Liz tracks down Emma, the girl in question. Dan is the father of her teenage son Jacob. 

-Dex is conflicted on what to do about Emma. 

-When Dex finds out Grey told Liz about Emma, she is upset. 

-Liz blows off Grey.

-Emma's brother sold the secret about Jacob to Vanessa, so Vanessa pays Dex for her work.

-Liz tries to break things off with Grey over his relationship with Dex, but he convinces her that she has nothing to worry about. 

-Dex convinces Dan to drop out of the campaign to ensure the opposing team keeps quiet about Jacob.

-Dex gives the money back. 


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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

We're going out? Bold move. I like it.


Vanessa: Whiskey?
Dex: Uh, it's 11 am so yes, of course, I would.