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-Sue Lynn thinks she is being targeted and hires Dex to find the person.

-Someone planted a bomb in Sue Lynn's car.

-Sue Lynn gives Dex a list of 141 people in Portland who are her known enemies.

-Benny's wife Naomi blames Dex for his death, as we see in a flashback to his funeral.

-Dex visits an old friend Nate on the reservation to get dirt on who could be targeting Sue Lynn. 

-Naomi confronts Dex while she is at the reservation. 

-Dex considers backing out of the case, but Hoffman convinces her not to.

-Sue Lynn agrees to give Dex access to the reservation but only with Naomi supervising. 

-Dex discovers that Hollis' nephew Lee was planning a deal with the logging company that Sue Lynn had rejected, and was planning on trying to take Sue Lynn out of power, but he isn't responsible for the bomb.

-Dex believes that someone Sue Lynn banished from the reservation could be responsible for the attack against her.

-Dex and Naomi run into each other and Benny's grave and Naomi reveals that she feels like she is responsible for his death because she kicked him out after he was wallowing over Dex. 

-Hoffman finds the person responsible for the bomb, Russ, who was kicked out of the reservation after dealing drugs to his friends. When the police catch Russ, he claims that he never meant for the bomb to go off he just wanted to scare her.

-Hoffman realizes Dex tried to trick him into running a background check on Liz and thinks it is because she has feelings for Grey.

-Sue Lynn convinces the feds to drop the charges against Russ and takes him back to the reservation to deal with him. 

-Dex and Liz bond over craps and end up sleeping together.

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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

If someone's trying to kill you now's not the time to play hard to get Sue Lynn,


It's not always about you, Sue Lynn.