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Kendall is on the roof talking to a woman named Rea

Shiv and Tom get ready to spend their first day at work together. Ravenhead, an ATN anchor, might be a fascist. He's right there in a video with a fascist. Tom thinks the guy just got caught up in a moment back in the day.

Shiv and Tom notice a bunch of assholes outside of Waystar. Antifa even shows up. Shiv ponders cleaning up ATN.

Roman starts at the bottom as a furry, just like Greg. He's at management training watching his family on the big screen for his orientation. He freaks when he sees his picture and title flash, but he fails to say any words.

No amount of bacterial gel will be able to wipe the American off of me, he says, when Gerri asks how Roman is doing.

Shiv wonders where she'll be sitting. She'll float. Does every day begin with Champagne? Let's get hammered and buy a mining company in Tanzania. Why not?

Kendall is now on Logan's meds. Logan says Shiv is just in for the day.

Shiv says shes just observing. Kendall doesn't really care one way or another.

Roman is dressed up as a turkey, and when a couple wants to get their photo taken with him, he disparages them. It's a sad state of affairs. His wife is obviously unhappy. Go home and fuck her. They blanch. He tells them to gobbledly go fuck themselves.

Syd chats with Greg. What is an executive assistant? Does she have to milk Tom, she wonders? She senses Greg is a smart cookie. She thinks they should talk.

Tom is every HR manager's nightmare.

Kendall is excited. Rhea is coming. The family doesn't know she's coming. Kendall says it must be big. 

Logan wants to water cannon the protestors. Syd wants to use the ATN under siege line. Tom thinks they just weather the storm. Ravenhead got married at Hitler's retreat in Bavaria. His agent said it's a coincidence. Fuckin' big coincidence, Logan says.

Sydney doesn't want to can him because he's a big draw. And if they cave to this, what's next?

Connor is going to Mo's funeral. He's singing Happy Death Day to Mo. Connor thinks it's great that Marcia called Willa to talk with Mo's wife. They must like her. Meanwhile, Connor is getting a donor boner just thinking about the gold rush of wealthies at the funeral who might contribute to his presidential campaign.

Tom uses a dude as a footstool while Greg assesses the right-wing anchor situation. Greg is stunned to see Tom treating Jonah like that. He's very uncomfortable, especially when he puts his feet on the dude's back.

Ravenhead named his dog after Hitlers and a bunch of other stuff. Greg can't believe Tom would even consider Nazis not to be terrible.

Roman meets a dude named Brian who has a whole mantra of being for Roman.

Shiv wants to go over things with Logan, but Gerri says his afternoon is greyed out and then there's Mo's funeral. Someone interrupts, and Gerri whispers with her. Shiv keeps trying to get information but she's facing the wall.

Kendall has continued his thievery. That's what all the hush-hush is about. Shiv is annoyed that Kendall gets his shit covered up again. How many lives does he have? Logan wants to keep it down low.

Kendall seems genuinely interested to see Shiv. She tells him the secrecy isn't warranted. He's mistaking her for someone she's in competition with.

Rhea arrives and delivers a nuanced fuck off. Overall the family knows what Logan wants but they're not interested. She knows what Logan is doing. He's trying to position himself somewhere so huge it keeps the jackals away. Rhea thinks the Pierce family are amazing custodians. She's a mere tool, she says.

Roman freaks out when the group is asked to think up new rides and pitch. It's a rank and yank, a way to get rid of people. Brian tries to get him to engage. Roman wonders what normals do. What does Brian like? He can't even listen. Then Roman suggests a Normandy ride.

Tom meets with the anchor. No, he's not a nazi, but he read Mein Kampf a couple of times. Didn't get the easter eggs the first time? Bang.

Active shooter situation. Tom runs like a scared child forcing employees aside to get to safety. Tom does question where the others are. Tom tries to calm Greg who freaks out in the regular room

Logan's first concern is about Kendall. Is he safe?

Tom talks with Shiv. He says he's in the panic room with Greg. Shiv is on her way.

Kendall is on the room standing at the edge of the building overlooking the expanse below. He's too close.

Shiv reaches Logan who wonders where Kendall is. It throws her for just a second before she asks after Tom.

Tom is in the wrong panic room! Greg practically combusts noting all of the efficiency errors in their panic room.

Shiv gets wind of Rhea Jurell in the panic room. 

Connor and Willa are on their own at the funeral. Dead mo isn't named mo. His name is Lester. 

Ol fiddlesticks. Mr. Meathands. Guys of that generation were different.

Roman gets pulled out of training as a result of the shooting.

She's trying to make me look like a coward while she's out there break dancing through gunfire, Tom says watching Syd on TV. Greg says he ran pretty quick. Just following Tom, Greg says. There was only one injury.

Greg wants to chat with Tom. He wants to catch some sunlight so he can grow. In the shadow of a giant. Nazis, human furniture, verbal abuse, physical assault, humiliation, I just don't love it. Tom loses his shit. Greg tries to walk it back. They're good. Tom says it doesn't feel fucking good, Greg! He will not let go of what is his! Tom starts pummeling Greg with water bottles while Greg calls for security.

Kendall finally joins the group, and Logan is very relieved. It turns out an ATN producer shot himself at his desk. They didn't even have ATN on the TV in the panic room.

Shiv checks in with Rhea. She notes the meeting with her dad, and Rhea says it was just nonsense. Shiv doesn't work here, she says, her family just owns the joint. 

Rea thinks the cultures that stink up the deal. 21.5 billion? Shiv wonders if Kendall is just allowed to say numbers out loud as Logan and Kendall keep upping the ante by half a billion. Logan has no problem with Kendall bidding against himself. 

Shiv can't believe what's happening. Is money even the issue? She talks about current philosophical approach protection. If the business side could work, then think of it as beauty saves the beast. Logan wonders if Rhea trusts him. Shiv interrupts. That's not relevant because he's not going to be there forever. Logan says the family can trust him to keep the place as is. For $24 billion.

Roman doesn't believe that their pitch won because he's basically fucking Elvis around there. They gave it to his name.

Connor is getting ready to deliver the eulogy, but Willa worries that Mo was into some very shady shit with Waystar and it's not good to be on record talking up the guy. The biographer attends and tries to get Connor to talk.

Tom attempts to apologize to Greg. He doesn't always like who he is. Greg gets that, but he still wants to make a move. Tom says he's got it all, why would he let him go? Greg blackmails Tom with the documents he kept when he shredded documents. Tom accepts. He's proud of his protege, the fuckin slimeball.

Connor delivers one of the worst eulogies ever. It is like an obituary with commentary that we will all die and it is sad.

Gerri tells Logan that the dead guy emailed HR last week about the culture of bullying. It's a newsroom, not a kindergarten, Logan says. They prepare to say goodbye to Rhea. She suggests a peace offering for the Pierces, perhaps in the guise of Ravenhead.

Roman chats with his girlfriend who attempts to seduce him via the phone. When she says she's wet for him, he doesn't want her to be so specific. He thinks her voice sounds breathy and unnatural. He doesn't like sexy. He can't do it.

Roman hangs up on her and calls Gerri. He never has sex with his girlfriend but masturbates to Gerri treating him like a bad boy.

Shiv wonders if Kendall is blackmailing dad. He doesn't understand what she means. They're just in a good place these days, he says. She's skeptical. Did he make a deal with Dad in the Hamptons? She wonders why he's protecting Kendall. Why does she even care? Is she comin' in? She says she's not a fuckin dummy. There is an atmosphere.

Kendall won't tell Shiv what's going in but assures her it won't be him.

He pulls her in for a hug and asks that she take care of him because without dad needing him, he doesn't know what he'd do.

Kendall returns to the roof. A different roof this time, one that's been lined with glass. The look on Kendall's face proves that he was unaware of the change. He presses his head against the glass.

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Succession Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Logan: Please, stay. Have lunch.
Rhea: Oh, my tummy is very delicate. We really only eat Pulitzer over at Pierce.

Gerri: So, uh, how is it going?
Roman: Oh, amazing. I'm stripping back to basics. This is my White Album.
Gerri: Is it very horrible ... in America?
Roman: Oh, yes, it's glorious. Yeah. No amount of antibacterial gel is going to be able to wipe the America off me.