The Acquisition - Succession
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Shiv is arriving at Logan's house with a sneaky smile on her face as she rides the elevator.

Roman is feeling very much with the real people after his experience.

Shiv thinks the gettogether is to announce her succession to the throne. She cannot wipe the shit eating grin off of her face.

The Pierce family worries about the Roy moral character. PGN is getting outflanked on all levels, so they're in a better place.

Frank has a lot of advice about what to talk about and what to steer away from as well as how many drinks they should imbibe.

Tom is gonna be the straw man. Tom wants to put it on Syd, but Logan says they need to wear the hair shirt, and that honor goes to Tom.

Logan lays down the law which Shiv questions. He tells Logan to arrive an hour late and make no secret about where he's been. And to keep clean. That throws Kendall a bit.

Logan tells Shiv they like her politics. She says, "my baby soon," to which Logan cocks his head and says, "mmm."

Logan tells Roman he's proud of him, but he doesn't want him to mention it at Tern Haven. It sounds like he's back at business kindergarten.

The group heads to the helicopter pad.

The entire family at Tern Haven meets the Roys in the middle of the lawn. 

Rhea tells Naomi flew in from Marin which complicates things a bit. She usually sits these things out, but has major juice with Nan.

Kendall is flying in while going over the Pierce numbers.

There is a hairless cat. Penis cat.

Roman is a nightmare.

Nan takes a moment to speak and tell them they're drinking a brakebumper, an old family drink.

The kids all manage to make poor impressions across the board.

Logan makes a point to tell Nan that Kendall has been volunteering. When Ken arrives, Logan makes a big production of it. Logan wants Kendall to target Peter, shove a gold bar down his throat.

Logan also makes a toast. He appreciates their forebearance of the boisterous crowd.

He toasts PGN's continued importance to the functioning of the great republic.

Rhea wonders if Kendall is alright. She says "they" can use the help. 

Logan reconvenes the family in a separate room and he lays into them for their treatment of the Pierce kids. Roman gets annoyed when Logan leans on Kendall.

Marcia is very excited to be getting top marks along with his other pupils.

Dinner is getting prepared. It's roast beast of some kind that Nan carries out to the table herself.

Nan is flanked on either side by Rhea and Shiv. She says they've given up on Jesus and honor Shakespeare. She hands the scepter to Naomi.

As Naomi quotes Shakespeare, Kendall looks at her with interest. Rhea notices and eyes their conversation with interest.

Naomi is continuing her recovery. They have a thing in common.

Peter asks Roman to recommend a book that Oprah isn't pushing. He liked the Electric Circus. And he cannot remember the author. He makes one up. Shiv pushes Roman to make a fool of himelf. Logan watches.

Connor and Maxim discuss politics. 

Nan asks Shiv about politics and that lends itself to a news conversation. Logan says he's operationally out of the business, and Tom puts on his hair shirt.

Shiv says that the PGN people just follow the truth wherever it leads, right? Kendall suggests they're both beneficial. PGN gives people what they need and ATN gives people what they want.

Tom keeps playing his part, and when Peter wonders if Tom would be in charge of both divisions, Logan suggests they need to think about that sending Tom into a panic.

The banter continues and Tom calls Shiv out of the room. They're on different pages.

Tabitha says she might offer a womb to someone which prompts an inpection of their sex lives.

Marcia and Logan are at loggerheads about their history and her happiness.

Nan brings up Sandy's attempted takeover. It all lends itself to Shiv blurting out at the table that she's the successor. Peter worries their dinner was premature. Marcia wonders if it's true, and he screams at her to stop.

Nan tries to save the moment with a stargazing mission.

Kendall downs his wine before leaving the table.

Logan is banging a spoon against his wineglass as Shiv stands across from him.

Kendall and Naomi connect under the stars. Watching the Roys meld down is the most deeply satisfying activity on earth. She feels redundant. She came to fuck any deal, but it seems they've just fucked it themselves.

She asks him if he wants to do some illegal drugs with her. Yes he would.

Tom wants Shiv to explain the chess move. She has no move. She just did it. She's sick of Logan stringing her along. Shit or get off the pot. Tom doesn't know how much love there is for him outside of her. She expects repurcussions.

Naomi and Kendall do coke and swill vodka out of the bottle.

Roman tries to fuck Tabitha. It fails. He makes her laugh, so that's something.

Tabitha says she's not interested in solving him. He want to make it wrong.

Kendall and Naomi get into the helicopter. They're going for a ride. Until she realizes what's happening, and he shuts it down.

Roman wants the wrong thing to be she's dead, but she can't be wet. He wants it to be less yay sex. And when they decide on a wrong thing, it's no longer wrong. She calls him Mr. Can't Fuck and goes off to masturbate. 

Naomi blames her unhappiness on ATN and the Waystar Royco tabloids for making her life difficult when her mother died and she wrapped her Audi around a tree while people snapped photos. He says they all have something. Don't block her own escape. Imagine getting out from under all of this.

Then you're free.

Roman goes to Gerri's room. He feels like an idiot for not getting it. She's getting good reports from the training program. Score!

He wonders if they can schedule one of their special conference calls for like, right now? She pulls the shame card. He's gone beyond the pale. She denigrates the shit out of him while he masturbates in her bathroom.

Kendall wakes up in bed having shit himself. 

Rhea says Nan would like to meet with Logan, Marcia, Gerri, Kendall, and Shiv after breakfast.

Gerri is impressed with Logan's choice of wife.

Nan has a high regard for her news and states as much. She doesn't like Logan or his politics. But she had a conversation with Naomi who believes that a sale is the only way Pierce Media can flourish. Rhea thinks they're worth more. She squeezes Logan.

For $25 billion, they can talk if the ethical concerns are addressed. They want to have a conversation about management. Tom cannot oversee the news. But they want to publicly announce Shiv as successor.

They want to announce the sale and Shiv at the same time because of optics.

They leave. No deal. But the deal gets done after they're gone. And when the family reconvenes, Logan has a look of disapproval for Shiv before he leaves the room.

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Succession Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Logan: Rhea and I will handle the big picture.
Shiv: Remind me again. Does Rhea work for the company?
Kendall: Remind us. Do you?

Roman: I've been down in the salt mines so long with my fellow Johnny lunchpails, I no longer speak 1%.
Shiv: Rome, you were slinging candy apples not diggin' the Panama Canal.
Roman: I've seen the world for how it really is, Shioban, and it has changed me. I'm a kettle corn shoveler here to show you frilly clit flickers the truth.