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Pearson-Hardman is bleeding clients and Jessica and Harvey mounted a heroic effort to stop it. One of those clients is Trent Devon, who Harvey and Mike attempt to convince that the deal he’s being offered by a rival firm is too good to be true.

Louis, struggling to keep his head above water in the rising tide of fear and anxiety prompted by the exodus of clients, seeks refuge in the poaching firm of Pratt and Gould, coincidentally headed by Allison Pratt.

Mike continues to get himself and his life together, but it’s no easy feat, especially when he receives a beating from Tess’s husband. He cashes in a favor from an old friend to try and get Harold a new job at another firm when he’s fired by Louis after losing a client, despite the fact Harold’s actions had nothing to do with the loss.

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Suits Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Let's just say that actions have consequences.


Harvey's not punching out anymore. And I can't come in here every day and work side by side with somebody who hates me.