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Gibbs hauls Donna in for questioning, but Donna makes it clear she won't be there for very long because she has nothing to say. Gibbs then informs her that her father is in the room across and the charges will be dropped if she turns Harvey over. 

Donna realizes she's in way over her head when she can't get her father out of it. Mike and Harvey join forces and fight to get her father out of the frame. They succeed, but it comes at a cost: Mike's case will go to trial.

Louis realizes that Sheila was the one who sent the mysterious email into Gibbs, and sets out to find out why. They have a tense argument and she is pissed off when she finds out that he knows all about Mike's lie. She warns that she won't lie for him and at the end of the episode, the news emerges that she goes to say that he did really fraudulently get his degree.

Rachel and Donna come to blows when Rachel tries to imply that they should send Harvey down for the crimes. Donna feels like Rachel is only looking out for Mike. They agree not to throw each other under the bus.

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Suits Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Donna: You know, I never thought that I'd say this to another woman, but you are a cold hearted bitch.
Prosecutor: I know.

Mike: Rachel.
Rachel: He told me to get rid of you.
Mike: Good.
Rachel: Why good?

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