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Mike wants to defend himself, but Harvey tries to get him to let him defend him, but he won't have it. 

Harvey sets up a mock trial to show him the error of his ways, but Mike is pissed off when Harvey throws in personal comments about Rachel and shuts it down. 

Rachel tells Mike that Harvey should be defending him because he's good at his job. 

Donna is called to the stand and messes up. 

When Trevor is on the stand Harvey manages to discredit everything he says and plays the jealousy card. 

Gibbs threatens Louis and it forces Jessica to go after her with a restraining order against him, but it doesn't stop Gibbs from going back to him and saying that unless he goes on her side, she'll send Sheila away. 

Donna goes to see Rachel and tries to see Mike, but he isn't there. Rachel wants to get her wine and let her know that Mike won't be against her for what she did because she was under oath. 

Mike goes to a lot of people from his past to try and get them to lie for him, but it leads to mixed results for all involved.

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Suits Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Harvey: You can’t win this trial.
Mike: I can and I will.

Did Mike Ross go to Harvard law, or not?