Suits Round Table: Is Mike Becoming A Villain?

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Will Mike get off with fraud?

On Suits Season 5 Episode 14, the case against Mike got worse and it led to some shock witnesses in court.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Christine Hinton and Paul Dailly discuss Gibbs' underhand tactics, Louis' decision and Jimmy showing up in court.

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What will Louis do?

Christine: I don’t know but the scare tactics certainly seem to be getting to him. I’m hoping he realizes that this is the time to circle the wagons and for everyone to insist that Mike went to Harvard. The more they back up that story, the more improbable Gibbs’ story will seem to the jury.

Stacy: I think Louis will stand by his partners. He may have wavered, but I don't think he'll crack. It has to mean something to him that Jessica stood up to Gibbs for him and said she'd lie under oath. 

Paul: I'm clueless about this one, but if he does go against everyone, I'll be super pissed.

Is Mike becoming unlikeable?

Christine: Let’s face it, Mike did this. The original lie is his and as much as I don’t want to see him go down for it, I also don’t like to see him arguing with friends who have covered for him, supported him, and are still doing everything in their power to protect him. Sometimes Mike does come across like a stubborn brat.

Stacy: Let's just say I was really rooting for Harvey to kick his ass during the mock trial. I want Mike to win, and for the most part I do like him, but yeah, there are times when I just want to smack him. 

Paul: Kind of. I know he's under pressure and all, but he's going to end up with no friends at the end of it.

React to Jimmy showing up at the court.

Christine: Jimmy did a really good job at selling his story to the jury. I would have believed him if I didn’t know better.

Stacy: That was a big win for Mike's case, and like Christine said, I would believe him. Jurors are instructed to assume any testimony given under oath is true. 

Paul: It was very shocking. He was the last person I would have expected to show up.

Will Mike and Donna remain friends?

Christine: I hope so. Mike put Donna in this position. Being on the stand in court is nerve wracking. Donna is strong in her normal setting but she broke down when going up against Gibbs. She didn’t do it to hurt Mike and she feels guilty for it but none of this is her fault.

Stacy: I think so. This trial is hard and stressful on all of them, but if Mike wins and they come out of it on top, they will put it all behind them. 

Paul: I'd like to hope so, but somehow I don't see it playing out smoothly.

Is Gibbs going too far?

Christine: Absolutely! She’s practically stalking witnesses that she has no right to be speaking to without their attorney. She’s choosing to bully people in order to win and it’s wrong.

Stacy: Agree with Christine again. When she asked Jimmy if he wanted to see the photos, I was creeped out. She actually sent someone to Argentina to harass Sheila, who hadn't been subpoenaed. If she goes this far on all her cases, I think it's safe to say she has no life. 

Also, can I just say it makes no sense that everyone is sitting in that courtroom watching the testimony? Witnesses should be outside the courtroom so their testimony isn't influenced. Jessica should not have been sitting next to Donna basically telling her to lie on the stand. 

Paul: The whole case is a sham. She's going way too far and it's going to come back and bite her in the ass down the line.

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