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Mike found out from Kevin that someone else was sent to the medical wing before and Frank got them killed. This shakes Mike up as he wonders how best to get Frank out of the equation. 

Mike was shocked to learn that Kevin was attacked. Kevin made it clear that he wasn't going to the infirmary. 

Harvey found out that Frank informed on someone and was eligible for parole in six weeks, but Frank got scared when Mike revealed what he knew. 

Sean's digging helped him uncover the news that Mike could get out of prison early if he informs on Kevin. 

Louis interviewed without Donna and leased the offices out to a company, but he realized the error of his ways when he hated the new guy, Stu. 

The two of them butted heads on several occasions, and Louis even decided to terminate the tenancy. 

Harvey needed Stu, so he changed the tenancy agreement behind Louis' back to let Stu stick around. 

Rachel found herself in trouble with a classmate who wanted to make it common knowledge who Rachel's fiance is. 

Rachel found a way to to get to her and it resulted in the woman apologizing to her. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Mike: How about you take it up with the cook?
Frank: How about I take it up with you?

In here, we use the buddy system and you left your buddy alone.