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Rachel pressed on with her case and met up with the man on death row. 

She spoke to Donna and ensured her that the only reason she was doing it was because it made her feel close to Mike. 

Sean pursued Harvey for an answer about Mike informing on Kevin, but Mike was against the idea of informing. 

Harvey set up a plan to have him taken out of prison for a few hours. 

He is sent to Rachel to show him exactly what he's been missing in his life, while he was away. 

Rachel is ecstatic, but Sean is annoyed at being left waiting around. 

He goes to Mike's home and tries to get in, but Mike appears and tells them he is taking the deal. 

Jessica butted heads with Stu, but she let him know she was boss and they made up at the close of the hour. 

Louis decided enough was enough and brought in an architect to help him split the office up, so that he can steer clear of Stu and his friends. 

In the end, Louis couldn't follow through with the plan, so he got her to work on his summer home in the Hamptons. 

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