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Harvey was rude to Donna about the kiss, and made his way home. He was greeted with Paula, whom he asked to move in with him. But Paula was against it because she worried they were moving too quickly. 

Eventually, Harvey admitted the truth to Paula, and she was mad. He then told her about sleeping with Donna a few years back, and we were left to ponder whether she will give him another chance. 

Harvey and Donna bickered, but they managed to make things right before it was too late for them. 

Alex gave Mike a case that involved going after a firm who was losing a lot of stock and claiming it was mother nature. However, Mike revealed that it can only be used for one occasion, while this one is ongoing. 

Mike wanted $90 million, but the men were only offering $30. This rubbed Alex the wrong way because he thought Mike should have taken all the money and left. 

Mike found out there was a big cover up thanks to Rachel and he secured $120 million for his client. 

Meanwhile, Harvey turned to Gordon for help in getting a restructuring order in the firm to make it employee-owned. But Gordon said he was not making a deal until Harvey got him back his $10 million or name on a building.

Harvey succeeded in getting the name on the building, but Gordon realized it was all about getting Jessica a payout and said make him a named partner or he was pulling out of the deal. 

In the end, Harvey had to sign off on a press release stating Jessica was to blame for being disbarred. 

Mike and Rachel decided to focus on their wedding and make time for each other. 

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Suits Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Donna: I kissed him.
Rachel: What?
Donna: I just... I had to know.

Mike: Let me get this straight: Jessica gets disbarred and we're not gonna do a thing about it?
Harvey: Mike, calm down.
Mike: No, I'm not calming down. She laid down on the tracks for us. I'm not going to let her get run over.