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Louis struggled to come to terms with the way Sheila and Xander spoke about him. He decided to go after Xander in the courtroom when the man showed up at his office to cause problems. 

Armed with the intel from Katrina, the duo went war. Louis won, and Sheila showed up to get Louis to drop the case. 

He agreed, but worried that Sheila was using him. In the end, Sheila agreed that she messed up and was ready to make up for her sins. 

With that, she got back together with Louis and even said that she would happily have a child with him. 

Donna got into a war with the landlord and she and Rachel worked together to get the upper hand. Donna was worried Harvey found out all about it and that he was going to fire her. 

Donna and Rachel won the fight and managed to get a discount on the rent for the next several years. 

Also, Harvey and Mike tried to help judge Ralls after she said she saved them from Anita Gibbs, but they realized she was lying to get them to help her. 

In the end, they won the case for the judge and the debt was repaid. 

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Suits Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

You may be the one she wants, but I'm the one she needs.


Sheila: What is this about?
Louis: This is about my honor!