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Donna worries that Samantha is not her friend when she offers to help her with a charity event. Donna declines her help, but Samantha shows up at the event. 

They get along, become friends, but then Samantha notices discrepancies in the reporting of the company's books. Donna says she will check it out, but Samantha does it herself and it results in Peggy being fired. 

Donna confronts Samantha, but Samantha says she merely called with a question to see how they would react, and at no point did she say they had proof. 

When they realize that Peggy was definitely innocent, they tell the man at the top to hand in his notice and make Peggy the CEO. 

He agrees, and just like that, Samantha and Donna are friends!

Louis takes Harvey to his therapist and it becomes clear Harvey has some issues of his own, but Lipshitz helps him with them. 

In the end, he and Louis redefine their friendship and grow closer. 

Harvey takes on a social media star with 50 million followers who wants a lot of money from his client to make a video go away. 

Harvey realizes he needs to beat the kid in court. 

Katrina is shocked when Donna realizes she is getting too close to Brian, and she takes a step back from her friendship with him. 

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Suits Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Harvey: Situations change, and you make adjustments.
Louis: This isn't a change of situation. This is you taking my client.

Louis: Harvey, our relationship needs tending.
Harvey: Our what needs what?
Louis: We need to work on our relationship and we need help doing it.