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Alex and Kara are hanging out at Kara's apartment when Non shows up. He wants Kara to come with him for a funeral service for Astra. 

He tells her he's going to observe the mourning period of two weeks and then he plans to kill her. 

Alex wants to tell Kara the truth, but Hank tells her not to.

Cat hired a second assistant and Kara is now assistant number 2. 

Cat believes Max Lord is missing and wants James and Lucy to investigate. 

James believes the DEO shouldn't be holding Lord without due process. 

The DEO has a rogue Fort Rozz prisoner and they go to apprehend him, but he's abducted before they can. 

The Master Jailer kills the prisoner. 

Lucy finds out James knows about the DEO through Supergirl and worries about how close he is to her. 

Kara faces off against the Master Jailer, but he escapes. 

James tries to explain to Kara why it is wrong that the DEO is holding Lord. 

Kara and Alex confront Detective Warren, thinking he's a murderer, but it's his partner, Detective Draper. He shoots Alex and Detective Warren. 

Alex was wearing a bullet proof vest, but Draper, aka the Master Jailer, took Kara. 

Alex figures out Draper was a guard at Fort Rozz. 

Alex arrives just in time to rescue Kara and the professor. Kara takes down the Jailer. 

Kara lets Lord go. 

James asks Kara if he can tell Lucy the truth.

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Winn: It's okay for Kara Danvers to be upset.
Kara: I'm not upset.
Winn: You just broke your phone.

Maxwell: So nothing for my largesse then?
Kara: I was told you asked for and received Netflix.
Maxwell: You thought I was dangerous before, you have no idea how dangerous I get when I'm bored.
Kara: I recommend Call the Midwife.