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Kara wakes in a dream where she is on Krypton and her mom is alive and tells her she was suffering from a fever. 

James and Winn are concerned when Kara doesn't show up to work. They call Alex and the three of them find her in her apartment with a parasite on her chest. They take her to the DEO.

Alex confronts Lord who denies knowing anything about the parasite. 

Non admits to Astra that he used a Black Mercy on Kara. 

Kara is confused, but is determined to get home to Earth. 

Winn tries to cover for Kara, but Cat says if she's not back soon she'll be fired. 

Hank impersonates Kara to save her job.

Alex goes to computer Alura but she can't help.

Kara is starting to lose her memories of Earth. 

Astra goes to Alex wanting to help Kara. 

Alex plans to go into Kara's head and convince her to reject the fantasy. She needs Lord's help and she asks James to make sure Hank doesn't pull her out of it without Kara. 

Non and Astra are planning an attack. Winn helps the DEO to stop it. 

Kara doesn't recognize Alex in her dream world. Alex pleads with her to come back. It works and they both wake up.

They plan an attack on Non. Kara takes out her frustrations on him, but he gets away.

Alex and Hank fight Astra and Alex stabs her with a kryptonite sword. Hank tells Kara that he did it. 





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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

That woman makes me miss my alien prison.

Hank (as Kara)

Hank: What the hell are these guys doing here?
James: Where Supergirl goes, we go.
Hank: This is a top secret facility Mr. Olsen, you think I'm going to let the media waltz in here?
Winn: Actually, I'm in IT, so definitely not worth shooting.