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We pick up with Mon-El in Daxam as it is being destroyed. He is tricked into getting into a ship and heading away from the planet to somewhere safe. 

Mon-El asks if the DEO had any contact with anyone from the planet, but Alex confirms that no one contacted them. 

Hank tells Mon-El he needs to stay in the DEO until they know everything about his power. 

Hank leaves to meet M'Gann and finds out that she was put in one of the worst camps and only escaped because someone took a chance. 

Maggie calls Alex to go see a dead body. It was an alien who had been murdered. Kara shows up and is visibly jealous at the connection between the two. 

Maggie and Alex were attacked later, but Maggie managed to get them both a huge lead. 

They attend a masquerade in an alien fight club and are shocked to find the man who attacked them earlier going up against M'Gann. 

Supergirl crashes the party and Roulette makes it clear that Supergirl would be joining the fight. 

Mon-El talks Winn into taking him out to test his powers, but the two of them end up drunk in a bar. Winn wakes up to Mon-El getting in a fight and they leave. 

Alex reveals to Hank that M'Gann was fighting, so he goes to her place and gives her in trouble. She tells him Roulette's name is Veronica Sinclair. 

Supergirl tracks her down and they both engage in a war of words, with Veronica winning. 

Hank reads Winn and Supergirl the riot act for Mon-El going out. Kara gets defensive when she was blamed. 

Hank apologized to M'Gann, but the two of them are taken. 

Kara goes to Lena Luthor, who just so happened to know Roulette and gave Kara the address of the mobile fight club and Kara offered to be there when she needs something. 

M'Gann and J'Onn were forced to fight to the death, but Alex, Supergirl and Maggie showed up with back up. 

Roulette was arrested, but was later set free. 

Kara managed to get Mon-El released into her custody. 

J'onn goes to see M'gaan and they make it up, but M'gann is revealed to be a villain.


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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Hank: I appreciate the concern, but I'm okay.
Kara: Don't make me pout.

Alex: Danvers.
Maggie: Wanna come see a dead body?