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Kara got Mon-El ready for his first day of work at CatCo. She told him he had a new alias and would be called Mike and not to use any of his powers. 

Pretty much as soon as they arrive at the office, he starts using his charm on Eve, but was less than impressed when he realized he was not to use his powers. 

Kara and James went out a walk and Kara was attacked by a group of thugs with powerful weapons.

Alex quizzes Maggie about her girlfriend, but finds out they split up. Maggie leaves to go home, leaving Alex confused.

Winn finds out which gun it was and they set out to find the perpetrator. 

Kara has to give Mon-El in trouble for giving Eve all of his work. Lena shows up and invites Kara to a fundraiser, but Mon-El invites himself. 

Kara then goes back to find Mon-El and learns from James that he did not do the work he was given. She finds him getting hot and heavy with Eve in the store room. 

James then went out as a vigilante and went after the villains, but it failed when they attacked him.

He spoke to Winn about the idea of becoming a superhero, but Winn was super against the idea and told him he would not be helping. 

Alex went to see Kara to open up about her feelings for Maggie, but Lena Luthor showed up asking Kara to return that favor. 

She asked for a meeting with Supergirl. When this came about, she asked Supergirl to go to her party, causing some issues for Kara/Supergirl. 

At the party, the bad guys arrived, but Lena had a plan up her sleeve and Winn helped her get rid of the villains.

Later, Winn revealed that he would help James become a superhero. 

Alex confirmed to Maggie that she is questioning her sexuality. 

Supergirl debriefed with Lena, before it was revealed that her mother was the villain. 

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