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J'onn is attacking Kara. 

24 hours earlier, Kara and Alex discuss Guardian with James and Winn at the alien bar. 

Maggie approaches Alex and tries to clear the air with her. They agree to stay friends. 

Mon-El attempts an escape, but Cadmus brings out J'onn and Mon-El stands down. 

Guardian is framed for murder. Winn freaks out, and James tries to calm him down and assures him he didn't do it. 

J'onn is having visions of his wife and daughters. 

Cadmus calls Supergirl and tells her to come alone or Mon-El dies. Kara comes face to face with Cyborg Superman, who looks like Hank. It was him attacking Kara in the beginning. 

Winn tells Alex that James is Guardian, but begs her not to tell Kara. 

Kara is put in a cell next to Mon-El. 

J'onn pulls his weapon on an agent thinking it's an alien. He asks Alex to run tests on him. 

Kara learns that Cadmus is run by Lena's mother. She wants Kara to solar flare, or she'll hurt Mon-El. She agrees and her powers are gone. Cadmus takes a sample of her blood. 

Winn figures out who the other vigilante is. 

J'onn learns M'gann is actually a White Martian. 

Jeremiah frees Kara and Mon-El from their cells. Jeremiah makes them leave without him. 

Kara tells Alex where Cadmus and Jeremiah are, but they're gone when the DEO arrives. 

M'gann tells J'onn her blood is turning him into a White Martian.

Guardian is cleared of all charges. 

Cyborg Superman uses Kara's blood to enter the Fortress of Solitude and asks for information on Medusa. 

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Oh. A courtship ring. You know, I've just learned that there's a long standing mating ritual here where if you like it, you should have put a ring on it. Clearly you've been successful in this arena.


Mon-El. What's your favorite baseball team? That's the one with the hoop and the tall guys bouncing the ball, right?