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A 5000 year old frozen wolf is found in the ice, somehow still warm. 

Kara and Mon-El drink at the alien bar, and Mon-El agrees to train with her. 

Maggie tells Alex she needs to come out to her family. 

Alex and J'onn go to investigate the lab with the wolf. Everyone is dead, as if something sucked them dry. They find one survivor, but he's been infected by an alien parasite. 

Alex tells Kara about her feelings for Maggie. .

Alex and Kara go after Dr. Jones, the survivor, and he drains Kara's energy. 

Kara's annoyed when she finds out Mon-El is using his powers to earn money, as "muscle for hire." 

Kara and J'onn go after Dr. Jones again, and he drains them both. The extra alien DNA mutates him. 

With Kara and J'onn out of commission, James is ready for the suit Winn made him. 

Alex begs Megan to help J'onn with a blood transfusion. 

Mon-El and James, aka "The Guardian," take on the alien. 

Kara wakes up and joins the fight. She uses plutonium to destroy the alien. 

Alex kisses Maggie, but she tells her that she is there for her as a friend. 

Mon-El is abducted by Cadmus. 

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Until I finish making it all fancy, it's just gonna be a glorified Halloween costume. So when I tell you the suit is not ready, that means if you go out there right now, you're gonna die.


Kara: You need a break?
Mon-El: Okay, I accept your surrender.
Kara: Ha ha. This is serious, you have to learn how to defend yourself.
Mon-El: How often do you plan on attacking me?