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Supergirl and Superman team up to fight crime in the city. 

Corbin awakes at Cadmus with new abilities. 

Kara invites Clark to "sister" night with Alex, and she's clearly not thrilled about it. 

Cat introduces Kara to her new boss, Snapper Carr. 

Kara and Clark go to stop a jumper, but it turns out to be Corbin. He shoots Kara with Kryptonite and Clark brings her back to the DEO. He's very angry at J'onn who admits a shipment went missing four months ago. 

Things don't go well between Kara and her new boss, but Cat refuses to help her. She tells her she needs to stand up for herself because she's leaving and won't always be there to help her. 

Superman and J'onn visit the Fortress of Solitude. 

Kara tells Alex she's thinking about moving to Metropolis to be with Clark. 

Cadmus unleashes another villain on Metropolis. Superman feels guilty that he wasn't there to protect them. 

Winn and Alex investigate who stole the Kryptonite. Alex sets a trap to catch the mole. 

The Cadmus people attack Alex. Kara comes to help her fight them off. 

Winn makes Kara and Clark suits to protect them from the Kryptonite, and they fight the two Metallos in each city. The suits are damaged, but J'onn and Alex arrive to help. 

Supergirl arrives to say goodbye to Cat, who promises she will be back. 

Cat gives her job to James. He offers to talk to Snapper for Kara, but she declines. She manages to get her job back. 

Superman leaves to go home, taking the DEO's Kryptonite with him. 

Mon-El wakes up and immediately tries to strangle Kara. 




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