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Kara’s boozy brunch and carefree living is short-lived when alien healer and Kara’s most recent profile, Amadei Derros, becomes the victim of an attack. 

Kara feels personally responsible to what happened to Derros after she portrayed him in a glowing light. 

Following the attack, J’onn reads Amadei’s mind and they track down the last person in his memory, a young woman named Elizabeth. 

Initially, she denies knowing Amadei, but eventually, she reveals that he’s her estranged father who wanted nothing to do with her.

However, a quick search reveals that Amadei did want to be in his daughter’s life but was pushed away by her mother. 

When Kara and J’onn return to the home, the mother is furious at them for telling her daughter the truth. She says that Elizabeth found the letters she hid all these years, accused her of making her supress her alien nature, and went to find her father. 

She also admits to stealing the amulet which kept Amadei alive and handing it over to the Children of Liberty. 

Kara and J'onn know that with the amulet, Jensen's parasitic abilities of absorbing an alien's power will be retained permanently. 

They head over to the vigil which is the first place he goes to attack since there is a large gathering of aliens. 

Brainy is able to create a dome that traps Jensen until Alex is able to talk him into surrendering. During the process, she ignores Colonel Haley's orders to kill him, which doesn't sit well the leader. 

For obvious reasons, Supergirl is not allowed any contact with him as if he'd absorb her power, he would be indestructible. 

After Jensen sees he's not making Earth safer, he removes the amulet and is transferred to a DEO facility where he becomes braindead. 

Colonel Haley informs Alex that things aren't run by J'onn anymore and they are going to go back to doing things by the book. 

Meanwhile, James and Lena attend a media charity event where they have an awkward run in with Ben Lockwood. 

Lockwood tries to convince James to embrace his role as the Guardian of Liberty, but James isn't having any of it. 

That is until a disturbance is reported at the vigil, and Lockwood publicly suggests that Guardian helps as a "human hero."

James agrees and realizes that maybe Lockwood was onto something; the hate groups trust him so if he becomes their ally, he may be able to change their minds. 

Plus, he thinks it will lead him to finding out who the Agent of Liberty. Hint: it's Lockwood. 

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Nia: Well why didn't you call?
Brainy: You told me to find you not call you.

Jensen: I want to make this country safe.
Alex: You're not making anything safer by doing this.