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Supergirl teams up with Manchester Black despite her gut feeling that he's the man responsible for the death's of the Children of Liberty on Thanksgiving night. 

She turns to J'onn who assures her that while Manchester is angry, he's on the right path of healing. 

When they discover explosive materials connected to the Agent of Liberty and his Children, Supergirl follows Manchester's advice to check it out without alerting the DEO. 

Once they arrive on Shelley Island, they are ambushed by gold-masked Children of Liberty. 

Supergirl is shocked that her powers don't work despite a "back-up" device, but Manchester reveals he took the battery out and sold her out for a face-to-face with the Agent himself. 

James Olsen is also on Shelley Island after being tricked by Tom and the other Children of Liberty. 

The Agent of Liberty tells him he wants him to become the face of their movement, but James Olsen isn't interested in spewing alien-hate to the masses. 

Tom tries to help James Olsen escape but they get caught. When the Agent of Liberty threatens to shoot Tom, James concedes and agrees to blow up a monument after they tell him no one is inside. 

Little does he know, Supergirl is trapped inside without her powers. 

She tries to get James' attention to no avail. At the last moment as he's about to press the button, he notices her heat vision glare and turns against the Children of Liberty. 

At the same moment, Manchester realizes his meeting with Agent of Liberty is a set-up. He shoots everyone and then sets Supergirl free allowing her to fly into the sky and safely diffuse the bomb. 

Manchester confronts J'onn and forces him to feel all of his pain through an empathy device. 

J'onn apologizes to Supergirl for steering her wrong. 

Meanwhile, Lena Luthor gets her first human subject for the harun-el prototype.

She initially tries to refer to the man by his subject number but eventually bonds with him. 

When she finds out his backstory -- he wants to die because he blames himself for his brother's death -- she pulls the experiment because it's too dangerous. 

Adam convinces her that she'd be saving hundreds of millions of lives if her experiment was successful in giving him abilities. 

Unfortunately, he dies shortly after the experiment begins leaving Lena distraught. 

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

By tomorrow night, Supergirl will be dead.

Agent of Liberty

Subject 0331: Do I ever get to meet the man behind all of this?
Lena Luthor: You have met him. I'm the scientist.