Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Rather the Fallen Angel

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Things aren't looking up for Ben Lockwood. 

After what transpired on Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7, Lockwood has an even bigger target on his back.

What else could he have expected after becoming the Agent of Liberty? He's willingly killing aliens and spreading fake news about Supergirl to turn the masses against her. 

Following a Lead - Supergirl

If he thought his manifesto encouraged the Children of Liberty to protest peacefully that aliens are taking over the planet, he's even more deranged than we initially assumed. 

At some point, someone was bound to come after him with a fiery vengeance. He deserves all of it. 

Even his people are starting to realize that their fear has allowed them to be guided down a path of irrational choices. 

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I was thrilled that Tom didn't turn out to be a traitor like previously thought. 

Supergirl continued to tread carefully and urged Manchester to fight fairly by refraining from hurting innocent people. 

But as we saw, Ben Lockwood does not play fairly. 

If Supergirl wants to beat him, she's going to have to up her game a bit. 

I'm not saying she has to surrender her morals completely or shoot everyone that comes in her way a la Manchester, but she needs to be more in tune with her surroundings and most importantly, one step ahead of the Agent of Liberty. 

Pain is a great motivator. I told you I'd do anything.

Manchester Black

Watching Supergirl, James Olsen, and Manchester so easily manipulated by Lockwood was shameful. 

Were they all in a daze? Did they not realize the extent of the danger posed by an extremist who spearheaded a hate group on American soil?

This Was a Trap  - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7

After Lockwood blamed the Thanksgiving attacks from Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6 on Supergirl, I assumed the DEO would interject with a plan of action to mute him and stop his libel.

But, nope! Colonel Haley was nowhere to be found, DEO Director Alex wasn't much help, and Brainy did as much as he could before Supergirl trusted J'onn and went against her gut instincts to team-up with Manchester. 

Seriously, so many wrong moves that could have been prevented. 

I was surprised that J'onn blindly defended Manchester. 

Much like Supergirl, J'onn knew in his gut that Manchester wasn't a man of his word, but he so badly wanted to believe in him. 

So much so, that he deliberately ignored Supergirl's question about whether or not Manchester was capable of killing all those Children of Liberty. 

J'onn has removed himself from the fight because he's trying to keep the peace, but he'll happily vouch for someone with violent tendencies like Manchester. That's not right. 

Supergirl Down Season 4 Episode 7

The only good thing to come of Manchester's betrayal was that he found out the identity of the man behind the mask. 

I wish he would have told Supergirl and the DEO instead of taking matters into his own hands because as much as Lockwood should pay for killing Fiona, he also needs to pay for the hatred and anti-alien sentiment he's spreading.

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Manchester isn't the only one who has lost a lot at the hands of Lockwood.

If he kills him, he proves he's no better than him.

And I'm sure he'll go after Lockwood's wife and kid to get to him thus proving Lockwood was right about the aliens this whole time.

James Olsen may be the character on the worst trajectory, however. Is the Guardian suit too tight on him? Is it cutting off his brain cells?

While his "I know who I am" speech was impressive, it completely ignored the fact that reputation is highly important when you're a public figure. 

By tomorrow night, Supergirl will be dead.

Agent of Liberty

If your reputation is tainted so is your credibility as CEO of CatCo Media, the vigilante known as Guardian, Supergirl's trusted friend, and boyfriend of Lena Luthor. 

As he summed it up when he finally came to his senses -- he was risking everything he's ever worked for. 

Oh, and while it was stand-up of him to save Tom, he almost blew up his best friend, and the only fighting chance National City has, in the process. 

I'll Do It  - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7

Come on everyone; we need to do better. I can't believe Kara was so calm and forgiving about the whole thing. 

Thankfully, James' takeaway was that occasionally Lena lies to him because she perceives her actions are good.

Maybe it will allow him to be more understanding when he becomes aware of her recent hobby?

Everyone advised Lena against creating a superhuman because one person should not wield all that power, but she did it anyway. 

Again, blame that Luthor complex. 

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I hope for everyone's sake she has a solution for overpopulation.

For someone who wants to refer to the test subject as Subject 0331, she quickly befriends and humanizes the subject making the whole risky experiment something that weighs heavily on her conscience. 

Despite her gut feeling, she goes through with the experiment after Adam's promising "no risk, no reward, no progression" speech.

According to Lena, Adam doesn't survive, but we're all too familiar with the whole "no body, no death" trope here at TV Fanatic.

First Subject - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7

Frankly, Adam wouldn't have gotten a full backstory and a real connection with Lena -- she opened up about her late birth mother to him -- if he wasn't going to play a more pivotal role. 

He'll be back, most likely with all those new "abilities" to flaunt around.

Despite not wanting a hero, it doesn't seem like death is in the cards for martyr Adam. 

I know I wasn't the only one annoyed that Adam assumed only a man would be conducting a scientific experiment.

Subject 0331: Do I ever get to meet the man behind all of this?
Lena Luthor: You have met him. I'm the scientist.

And how is he not familiar with Lena Luthor? The last I checked, she's a prominent, if not polarizing figure in National City. 

I found it amusing that Ben Lockwood thought the Guardian stood for the "human exceptionalism" for which his followers strive, but in reality, it's Lena Luthor that's the poster child for that. 

It looks like Lockwood got his hands on the wrong "face" for his cause. 

Lena also has a lot of internalized issues if she blames her four-year-old self for her mother's issues and truly believes she was better suited to be with the Luthor family. 

Someone really needs to set her up with a weekly therapist to talk through all the negative self-talk.

Other Thoughts

  • Did anyone else find it satisfying that even superheroes eat Thanksgiving leftovers?
  • When will we find out more about Russian Supergirl? 

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Rather the Fallen Angel Review

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

By tomorrow night, Supergirl will be dead.

Agent of Liberty

Subject 0331: Do I ever get to meet the man behind all of this?
Lena Luthor: You have met him. I'm the scientist.