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Earth-89, 9, X, and 66 are destroyed.

On Earth-38, animals are acting strange and an earthquake strikes. There is a wave of anti-matter coming for them -- they only have hours left.

Kara warns Clark and Lois on Argo of the wave of anti-matter coming towards them.

There is only one pod, so Clark, Lois, and Alura send their son Jonathan to Earth on it.

Argo is destroyed.

On Earth-1, Lyla as Harbinger collects Oliver, Mia, Barry, Kate, Sara, and Ray.

Back on Earth-38, Lyla appears at the DEO with the heroes plus Clark and Lois, having saved them at the last second, and minus Barry and the Legends as they are doing recon. Kate reveals her identity.

A quantam tower appears in the middle of National City, just as Lyla brings Barry, Ray, and Sara to the DEO.

Lyla explains that The Monitor placed the quantam tower to help delay the wave. But, the Anti-Monitor will still attack with his followers.

Jonathan's pod is knocked off course to Earth-16 in 2046. Lois, Brainy, and Sara leave to find him.

Alex calls the president to get enough ships to transport the human race off of Earth-38. J'onn believes that Lena can use a portal to actually send the ships somewhere.

Oliver gives Mia a Green Arrow suit.

Barry tells Oliver that he is supposed to die. Oliver demands to talk with The Monitor.

He is transported to The Monitor's dimension. Oliver tells him that he is supposed to die, not Barry and Kara. The Monitor explains the severity of the Crisis.

Alex asks Lena for her help in evacuating the people of Earth.

On Earth-16, Lois, Brainy, and Sara track Jonathan to Star City and confront Oliver in his bunker.

Oliver, Mia, Barry, Kate, Kara, Clark, and Ray fight the Anti-Monitor's shadow demons.

J'onn, Nia, and Kelly help with the evacuation.

Sara, Brainy, and Lois leave Earth-16 with Jonathan.

Alex and Lena ready the portal.

The Monitor appears and transports the heroes, except for Oliver who stops him with an arrow because he wants to stay and evacuate as many people from the planet as he can.

On Earth-1, in Star City, all our heroes, including Oliver, are transported to the Arrow bunker.

The Monitor, along with Pariah, arrive.

Oliver dies as a result of staying back on Earth-38.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Kara: Kal, Lois-
Lois: Kara? In pants?

Kara: The Monitor freed Mal? I didn't even know he was of this universe.
Brainy: Yes, I thought The Monitor was a Flash and Green Arrow's problem.