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The episode starts with Supergirl saving a school bus with broken breaks full of kids. Lena approaches and confronts Kara, letting her know she knows her secret identity. She punches her with unbelievable strength and Kara flys back into the school bus in an explosion.

It was all a virtual reality simulation caused by the real Lena with contact lenses. Lena doesn’t want to kill Supergirl, she just wants her to feel the same pain she does.

Kelly Olsen is working with a company called Obsidian North who created the VR contact lenses that Lena was using earlier.

Kelly and Alex are in a relationship.

Kara is being presented with a Pulitzer Prize for her article that exposed Lex Luthor.

Alex urges Kara to tell Lena the truth about her being Supergirl but Kara is hesitant. She is scared Lena will never forgive her.

Brainy and Nia are in a relationship.

Lena sold CatCo to Andrea Rojas, the boss over at Obsidian North. She is taking over as Editor-in-Chief from James.

A little girl transforms into a dinosaur at a museum and Supergirl and J’onn arrive to save the day. The dinosaur transforms into a pod and gets away. But not before causing J’onn psychic paralysis.

J’onn is okay but Kara’s cape gets destroyed. 

Kelly’s new boss at Obsidian North is Andrea Rojas. Lena shows up, her and Rojas talk about a mysterious story that Lena has promised her. They went to boarding school together.

Kara, James, and Nia butt heads with Andrea about how to run CatCo. Andrea values viewership and money over quality. Andrea reveals that they are all under three year contracts, making it hard for them to quit.

The DEO detects a phantom zone projector from the earlier Dinosaur attack, which ends up being a trap.

A woman named Midnight shows up. Kara confronts her thinking her mother was the one who locked her in the phantom zone. J’onn reveals he is the one who did so.

Midnight attacks them with energy voids, but gets away.

J’onn reveals that Midnight fought along the White Martians on his home planet.

William Day, a renowned journalist, arrives at CatCo. He brushes Kara the wrong way, rewriting one of her articles as advised by Andrea.

At the Pulitzer Prize ceremony, Brainy gives Kara a new super suit. He manufactures it into her glasses so that it appears when she whips them off.

Lena surprises Kara at the ceremony and Kara blurts out that she’s Supergirl.

Lena introduces Kara for her award. She forgives her for lying and does not send Andrea the article which would have exposed Kara as Supergirl.

Midnight shows up and attacks the ceremony. Supergirl, in her new suit, Guardian, J’onn, Dreamer, Brainy, and Alex fight her.

Midnight creates a black hole that sucks J’onn in after he incapitates her with power diminishing bracelets.

Kara goes in after him in the black hole and saves him while the young girl from before looks on.

James quits his job at CatCo. Andrea promises him he’ll never work as a journalist again.

Nia confronts Brainy about his lack of intimacy. He reveals that she is the first person he has ever loved and is scarred from the way he treated her when he was reprogrammed to be unemotional. She comforts him and they share a kiss.

The little girl appears in J’onn’s office. She reveals to be a shapeshifter and J’onn’s brother. J'onn knows nothing about a brother and tries to fight him, injuring them both.

Kara and Lena have a heart to heart at CatCo. Kara gives Lena a watch that allows her to call Supergirl in a time of need.

After Kara leaves, Lena appears to still be angry about Kara’s lie and wants revenge for the betrayal.

Eve is taken by an unseen kidnapper.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Brainy: Strong enough to destroy all life across three solar systems. But we face an even graver problem. Supergirl’s cape has been destroyed.
Alex: Oh, yes, well totally forgot about the risk to life across three solar systems.
Brainy: This is no time for sarcasm!

Kid: Thanks Supergirl! When I grow up, I want to be just like you.
Kara: Well that's easy, you just have to fight for what’s right and always tell the truth.
Lena: Always tell the truth, that’s rich.
Kara: Miss Luthor, is everything alright?
Lena: Why so formal? I thought we were best friends, Kara.