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Supergirl prevents a car crash that could’ve been avoided if someone wasn’t distracted by their phone.

Alex and Kelly have breakfast, where Alex finds out Kelly is deathly allergic to blueberries. She now thinks that she doesn’t know much about her.

James gets offers to run for a senate seat and as a media director at the Smitsonian.

Kara and James find a wounded J’onn in his office. He tells them, Alex, and Brainy about his brother. J'onn is in pain after their encounter.

J’onn’s brother meets with a white Martian.

Lena hypothesizes that the issue with humanity is that they are programmed to hurt one another. She wants to redirect human’s minds so that they are programmed to do no harm.

Lena is using Eve as an unwilling test subject.

Kara is assigned a fashion article, but she proposes a story about James running for senator. Andrea makes her do both.

Eve claims that when she was 16 she was recruited by the people who made her betray Lena.

Alex tells Brainy that she doesn’t understand how her feelings for Kelly could be so strong this early in the relationship.

Kelly runs tests on J’onn at Obsidian North to cure his pain. They enter his mind where he realizes that some of his memories are missing.

William has someone track Kara.

The DEO and Kara find J’onn’s brother. William tracks Kara there where she saves his life from the White Martian. Him and J’onn’s brother escape.

J’onn remembers that his brother betrayed his people in the Martian War. He was sent to the phantom zone for his crimes. J’onn’s pain is now gone.

Andrea is mad that Kara has not completed an article yet. William wrote it instead. Andrea wants to demote Kara to copy editor.

Andrea confronts Lena about stealing her tech. She cuts her off from using the VR contact lenses.

Brainy promises to cut back on his food gifts to Nia that were overwhelming her at work.

J’onn’s brother shape shifts into Kelly. Alex figures out she’s not really Kelly, alerting Kara.

J’onn’s brother, now in the form of Alex, fights Kara. He gets away.

J’onn wants to access more of his memories, but Kelly thinks it’s too dangerous.

Alex tells Kelly she really likes her and that scares her.

Brainy promises Nia he’ll make every day the best day ever.

Lena puts the AI Hope into Eve in order to evolve her.

J’onn’s brother is interested in resetting his brain, like Kelly was talking aboutwith J’onn.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

My mother always said actions speak louder than words. And I was there Eve. I was on the other side of that gun you pulled and I looked down the barrel and I knew that you would've shot me. So don't tell me that you didn't have a choice. There is always a choice and you always chose the same thing. You betrayed me because you wanted to. And you liked the power that it gave you. So if you want me to trust you, try telling the truth for once.


Alex: When did this happen? When did my feelings for Kelly get so strong and how can I possibly feel this way about somebody that I barely know?
Brainy: From what I've learned, the heart is not logical.