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The Super Friends realize they need to travel back to 2009 in Midvale when the Aquarid Meteor Shower hit. Kara had punched a meteor out of the sky, but it had kryptonite in it and she got hurt.

Kenny Li, Kara's high school boyfriend, never died in this new timeline.

Brainy and Nia volunteer to go on the mission.

In Midvale in 2009, Alex is visiting from Stanford. Kara senses Brainy and Nia's ship crashing into the high school's baseball field. Their time relay box broke.

Cat Grant arrives in Midvale. She believes there is a super-being behind the miracles happening in the town.

Brainy and Nia make up a story for Kara, Alex, and Kenny. Kara vows to help them hide and fix their ship. Nia stays with the Danvers and Brainy stays with Kenny.

In outer space, aliens detect Kara and plan on capturing her.

Nia dreams of a pink panther.

In the morning, the girls head to Midvale College to retrieve some dysprosium to fix the ship. They run into Cat who questions Alex about a miracle event that happened at the school. She tells her that there is nothing extraordinary about Midvale.

Brainy and Kenny build a 3D printer to help repair the ship.

Kara and Nia find the dysprosium.

The aliens use a runaway truck to force Kara to reveal herself as a Kryptonian. She and Nia save it from running into a school bus, but Cat is nearby and catches a glimpse of the rescue.

Brainy uses the DEO database to identify the alien that planted the runaway truck. His name is Naxim Tork and the DEO captures him in a few days. However, Brainy and Nia's presence in the past changes Tork's circumstances.

He is never apprehended by the DEO.

Cat captured the shadow of a spaceship in the photos she took of the runaway truck.

Brainy and Nia find Tork's ship. They are captured by the aliens.

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Supergirl Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Nia: In 2009, I was twelve. Is this really what people wore to prom?
Brainy: Yes, ergo, it is the perfect disguise to will allow us to chillax on our mission. "Chillax" being a key 2009 phrase, along with "flossy," "totes," and, of course, the immortal, "wassup?"

Kenny: Still, can't you use your ring to, you know, Dumbledore something up?
Brainy: No. What? No! It's physically impossible to to create something out of nothing, Kenny!