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Clark attends a nuclear reactor that someone is trying to blow up. He uses his skills and saves everyone.

Lois's father is reluctant to speak to him, but Clark returns home and his sons seem more divided than before.

Clark rushes to his mother's aid when he gets a phone call that she's dying.

The family returns to Smallville for the funeral and to live there.

Jordan and Jonathan struggle to fit in and Jordan gets close to Sarah, but her boyfriend attacks him.

Jonathan steps in to fight back, but Jordan uses what looks to be powers to save them.

Another nuclear reactor is attacked, and Clark saves everyone again, but he becomes embroiled in a huge fight with someone he can't see.

The family attends the funeral and vows to stay in town and Lois and Clark worry about how they can keep their kids safe.

The final scene finds the Stranger namedropping Luthor -- is he Lex Luthor?

Superman & Lois
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Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Lois: We came here as a family.
Clark: It's too dangerous for them to know.
Lois: It's more dangerous if they don't.

Jordan: Our dad told us all these stories about growing up here.
Sarah: He tell you it sucks?
Jordan: Actually, I think he kind of loved it.