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The town is preparing for the Harvest festival, something Clark hopes will bring everyone together.

He is shocked to learn that his sons are not as excited, but Jordan is glad when Sarah invites him.

Unfortunately, Jonathan is dumped on the day and goes on a downward spiral.

He gets drunk and Clark smells the booze and sends him home. Clark recalls his mother trying to make him find himself in life.

Clark concedes that before they make a decision about Jonathan's future, he needed to try follow their rules.

Sarah and Jordan bond, but when the latter is walking home, he is cornered by Tag, who wants to know what happened to himself.

Chrissy finds Derek and Leslie making out before Leslie does some work on Derek and he later blows himself up.

Captain Luthor tries to take down Clark and we learn he used to date Lois back on his earth.

Superman & Lois
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