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Jordan decides that he wants to join the football team to get back at his enemies.

He uses his strength to knock his opponents down and Clark goes off when he learns about it.

Jonathan tells Clark that he needs to allow Jordan to move on with the team to help him.

Clark agrees to allow him to but he asks the coach to work on the team. Lois steps in and says he will do so for free.

This allows him to keep tabs on his son.

Sarah struggles with her emotions and exposes Lana for being full of shit in the diner, leading to a big turn of events.

Lana ultimately reveals that she is not happy in her life and that she needs to find a way to take ownership of that.

She and Sarah come to an agreement about what they will do.

Lois investigates mysterious disappearances in the town and her car is set on fire, while she is pursued by superhuman people

In the end, we learn that there is someone else there, waiting to pursue everyone.

Superman & Lois
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Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Jonathan: Okay, so you can hear all the sounds in the world at once?
Clark: It's more like I can hear every fluctuation in the sonic frequency.
Jonathan: That makes zero sense to me.
Jordan: How do you tell between someone struggling and someone shouting for a taxi?
Clark: Well, it took lots of years of training at the fortress, but that's where I learned to hone in on certain sounds, like people in distress.
Jonathan: Wait, be for real, though. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever heard.
Lois: Nope, not appropriate.
Jonathan: Be honest, was there nudity involved.
Clark: Maybe when you guys are older.

Jordan: I would have much rather have super hearing than crazy eyes.
Clark: Hey, let's just think of calling it heat vision for now, okay? And, don't be so sure, every power comes with its own burden.
Lois: And responsibilities.
Jordan: Rules.
Clark: Which are meant to protect you.
Jordan: Yeah, don't use my powers. Don't draw attention to myself.
Jonathan: Oh, don't feed him after midnight.
Clark: Hey, it's important that we don't draw unnecessary attention to our family.