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On this episode of Supernatural...

Sam, Dean and Toni try and find a way out of the bunker.

Dean uses a grenade launcher to escape.

Dean, Sam and Toni head to Jody’s, who has stopped Mary from killing her.

Sam and Dean call other American hunters together to fight against the British Men of Letters.

Dean decides to stay behind to try and save Mary. He and Toni take her to the bunker where  Mary and Dean are psychically linked.

Ketch arrives and kills Toni. Mary wakes up after Dean’s speech to save him from Ketch and she kills Ketch.

Hess reveals Lucifer is back, but Sam passes on working with them. Jody kills Hess.

Sam and Dean forgive Mary and the three are reunited.

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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 22 Quotes

Sam: Wait a minute. So we’re gonna…
Dean: Straight “Shawshank” this bitch.

Sam: Is this how you pictured it? The end?
Dean: Oh, you know it’s not. I always thought I’d go out Butch and Sundance style.
Sam: Blaze of glory.
Sam: Blaze of glory.