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Guest-starring as Rob, Michael Shanks saves Sam and Dean this week after they are outnumbered by demons. Shanks' characters leads a group of townspeople that are aware of the Apocalypse.

The tiny community is ultra religious, as Sam and Dean meet Pastor Gideon, a man who introduces them to his daughter Leah (guest star Kayla Mae Maloney). He claims she is a prophet. 

Leah tells the townspeople they must obey her orders if they want a spot in Heaven... but she then begins turning everyone against each other in the name of the Lord and the siblings realize they must take her down.

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Supernatural Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Dean: 'Course, that's if you can get past the velvet rope. Must be nice--being chosen.
Leah: Well, Dean... you're chosen.
Dean: More like cursed.

No drinking, no gambling, no pre-marital sex. Dean, they basically just outlawed 90% of your personality.