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On this week’s episode of Supernatural…

Dean goes to see Dr. Robert to help him die.

Dean wants Death to jailbreak Lucifer’s cage to get Sam’s soul and his brother Adam out. Death says he can hide the memories of hell with a wall around the soul.

Death makes him a bet to play him for a day. If he takes the ring off before 24 hours, Dean loses.

Sam doesn’t want his soul back but reluctantly agrees with Dean’s deal.

Sam summons Balthazar the angel. He wants a spell to stop Dean from putting his soul back. You need the blood of your father but the father needn’t be of your blood.

Dean’s first death is with a mugger. Second guy is a heart attack. Dean’s third task is a little girl in the hospital but he doesn’t want to kill her.

Sam and Bobby play cat and mouse as Sam tries to kill Bobby.

Because Dean didn’t kill the little girl, the nurse dies. Dean has to deal with the repercussions of killing people and watching the ones around him suffer.

The reaper tells Dean he has to kill the little girl to get the chain of events to go back on track.

Bobby tries following the blood trail to the barn and Sam smacks Bobby unconscious.

Dean takes of the ring to save the drunken husband of the nurse from a car accident.

Dean puts the ring back on. He lost the bet. The reaper tells him that he is done and Dean says that he needs to go back and kill the little girl. No one can escape the natural order.

Dean stops Sam from killing Bobby. He puts him in the holding room.

Death is waiting for Dean and discusses the hardships of his job. He also knows they cause a lot of trouble because the brothers keep coming back to life, but he wants them to keep digging. Souls are valuable.

Death returns Sam’s soul with the wall protecting it from his hellish memories.

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