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On this week’s episode of Supernatural…

Crowley is torturing the Alpha Shape-shifter for the location of purgatory. When he refuses, Crowley decapitates him.

It’s been a few months since the original deal, and Sam and Dean are still capturing monsters for Crowley. However the brothers haven’t seen Crowley since then either.

Meg, a demon the brothers have had to deal with multiple times, returns and captures the brothers. She wants to know the location of Crowley so she can kill him. Sam bargains with Meg because he knows that she needs them.

Dean is upset with Sam because he wants to work with Meg.

Sam calls Castiel by pretending that they found the Ark of the Covenant. He appears and the two get into an argument over what is the more important issue: the heaven civil war or Sam’s soul. Sam threatens to kill Castiel if he doesn’t help.

The brothers go to Samuel Campbell’s to try and find information on the location of Crowley.

Samuel reveals that his deal with Crowley involves the return of his daughter, the brother’s mother. Dean tries to convince him otherwise because of the mistakes demon deals have cost them in the past.

Samuel finally agrees to help the brothers and he tells them where Crowley is located.

Castiel explains to Dean that returning Sam’s soul might not be a good thing. It could be ruined and beaten and if returned could cause Sam’s body harm.

Unfortunately, Samuel set the brothers up and Crowley captures Meg, Sam, and Dean. They break free and confront Crowley. When he explains he can’t get Sam’s soul back, Castiel burns his bones. Meg flees.

Finally, Castiel admits the problems going on in Heaven and Sam decides he doesn’t want his soul. He walks away from Dean.

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Supernatural Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

[to a demon] You gonna kiss me?


Guess I kinda lost my head.